The Better to See You, My Dears

I've been wearing glasses since I was thirteen.  I used to wish to have glasses and braces.  By the time I was 16, I had gotten my wish.  Then I thought differently.  One thing I do remember my optometrist telling me around that time was this, "If you ever find yourself out and needing to drive, but don't have your glasses, give me a call.  Don't drive."  So basically I NEED my glasses.

I'm near sighted, with an astigmatism, so even what I could see, still is a bit blurry, so I wear my glasses all the time.  Every time I get my eyes reexamined, I ask for my prescription just in case I find a great deal on frames somewhere outside of my doctor's office.  Imagine my surprise when I was contacted by Firmoo to give their glasses a try!

So, I tried on several glasses virtually.  I even texted and emailed the images back and forth with a few friends to get an honest opinion.  Yes, it was that serious.

Finally, I made the decision to try the red and black frames.

Once the glasses were made, they arrived soon after they shipped.  It was a pleasant Valentine's Day surprise.  I tried them on immediately and was very pleased.  Although the red turned out to be more of a pink, I was not dismayed.  Pink is actually one color that compliments me well.

These frames are similar to the green and black pair that I usually wear, however, my students at school noticed immediately and were full of compliments.

In the end, I paid $9 (to cover the price for having my lenses thinned out - trust me, it wouldn't have been a pretty sight without it).  And that's it!  I'm thankful to Firmoo for allowing me the opportunity to review their glasses.

Need a pair of frames?  Currently, Firmoo is offering a St. Patrick's Day Sale.  Go, check out your array of options.  Also, for new customers, you can get a 50% off code on all frames, sitewide, by visiting this link:

Although these glasses were offered to me in exchange for a review, I am giving you my honest opinion.

You like?


  1. Beautiful frames Libby! They look great on you! Before Lasik, I always had to have frames trimmed down too. My prescription was super thick!

  2. I do like. These are very pretty and compliment your face well! Love the hair too!

  3. They look great on you Libby! So worth the wait. : )


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