Spring Cleaning Chore Checklist and Organizing Tasks {Guest Post}

Undoubtedly, the worst nightmare of every woman is the spring cleaning. No matter how long you postpone it, sooner or later you will have to organise your home and prepare yourself for this tedious and extensive cleaning. In order to finish faster, it is important to know the best methods for disinfection which will make the work easier for you. The good organisation should also play a role in the process and the best thing you can do is to make a list with all cleaning chores that you will have to perform. You have to keep in mind, though, that a task like the spring cleaning will probably take one whole day or even more, depending on the size of your home and the pollution which has collected in your property over the last months.

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The changing of the seasons is the best time to look into your kitchen and all other rooms in the house and take care of their deep disinfection. The beginning is always the hardest part and that is the main reason why so many women prefer to postpone the spring cleaning of their homes for as long as they can. This is not the best strategy and you certainly know it. The sooner you organise yourself and sanitise every space and object in your real estate property, the sooner you will be able to move on with your other important tasks. You can speed up the whole process by trying to organise all chores, starting with the hardest ones and leaving the easiest for the last. Here are the tips DomesticCleaners SW15 can offer you:

·      Make an inspection – You can start by making a quick inspection of your home, in order to determine which are the most pressing cleaning tasks. You can start with them later, while you still have a lot of energy to handle the tiring cleaning.

·      Find the best way to organise the tasks – Organising all cleaning chores won't be hard, as long as you know from where to start. For most people the disinfection of everything in the kitchen is the most tedious task because we all like to keep in the cabinets all sorts of items. The sanitation of the appliances will also probably take a lot of time. Therefore, it will be better to start with the cleaning of this room and then move to the bathroom and the other premises. You are free to organise the chores the way that is most suitable for you and your abilities.

·      Create your checklist – Once you are done with the organisation, it is time to write everything down. Whether you prefer to use a piece of paper or a modern app on your phone to create a checklist, it is important to have easy access to it at all times. Also, don't miss to write every little task, so that you can be sure that you won't miss something after all.

·      Prepare the necessary supplies – The last thing to do before you can start with the spring cleaning is to prepare the necessary supplies. Based on your checklist, you can decide immediately what products you will need for the completion of each chore. You can buy all the supplies in advance, so that you can be sure that you will have everything you need once you start with the spring cleaning.

With a good organisation and discipline you will be able to disinfect every place in your home for only one day. It is important not to get distracted by little things and postpone the procedure for another day. Once you are done with the spring cleaning, you will be able to relax for as long as you like and enjoy the great results of your hard work.

Author Bio: Anna Aamone shares her recommendations and tips on efficient organizing to help you all with decluttering and keeping your homes tidy. She works for Tenancy Cleaning Chiswick and maintaining a clean house is her number one priority.


  1. Something I need to start thinking about! Spring cleaning is not too fun!

  2. I usually start my spring cleaning outdoors. The next sunny day we have I'm determined to tackle the windows.

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