How Dirt Makes You Happy

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My brother introduced me to a new article via Facebook.  And to preface the article, he wrote this beautiful message.  I hope he doesn't mind me sharing:

This is really interesting. Ever since last year I have become interested in getting back to the land. I don't think I can become a farmer at 42 but I certainly would like a home on a large plot of land in the country to plant a large garden and perhaps have a few animals. When I was growing up we had both egg laying chickens and gamecocks on our property. My parents had a garden which had cabbage, collards, tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. I never needed an alarm clock because there was a rooster across the road that woke me up about 5:30 am every morning. Those were the good old days. My parents were school teachers so they had the summers free. Me and my sister Elisabeth had to shell peas and shuck corn in the summers. I also spent a summer or two with my maternal grandmother who made everything fresh and a lot of it came from her garden. So there is something to tilling the soil. The more humans discover the more ancient ways of existing makes sense. I think I have to get to gardening!
Here is the article he was referring to:  Antidepressant Microbes in Soil:  How Dirt Makes You Happy.

The article details how there are antidepressant microbes in the soil that give off a similar effect as medications like Prozac.  Gardening and working in the soil is therapeutic and aids in elevating symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and bipolar disorders.

So, for those of you who garden, how do you feel?


  1. I'm with your brother -- I'd love to have a little more space where I could have a vegetable garden. It's funny how shelling lima beans, etc., seemed like work when I was a kid and I'd give a lot to be able to do that again.

  2. I'm a believer. I'm always happiest to tell the truth when I'm outside digging in the dirt, getting my hands all dirty. I'm always being told that I should go find my gloves to wear. Forget it. There's nothing like having dirt under your nails and smelling that dirt after you've roughed it around. Awesome!!!!

  3. Great video! I had no idea gardening actually helped our brains that way with the microbes. I always knew it was therapeutic though! It must have been fun growing up with the animals. We did garden when were children. I used to love eating the green beans right from the plant. My dad was into it and the crops varied every year. At some point my parents got too busy with work I guess and the garden no longer existed. Although today they still have blueberry and raspberry bushes as well as a couple of apple trees.


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