Home Spring Cleaning Tips by Room {Guest Post}

Home Spring Cleaning Tips by Room

House spring cleaning can be one pretty annoying chore for most, but without proper cleaning a home quickly deteriorates and turns into something problematic at best and a completely filthy nightmare at worst. You would do well to go through your home every week or so and see which rooms need to be cleaned in greater detail. The details may vary from place to place, but in most cases things will fall down the same similar routes and what they have to offer:

  • Kitchen cleaning
This requires quite a bit of effort even on the best of days, especially if you have a large family that requires a lot of cooking. Your refrigerator should be cleaned often enough to keep harmful bacteria and food scraps from accumulating inside. You need to remove its drawers and shelves, spring cleaning and washing them either in your dishwasher or by hand. You can do this by using a sponge with a mix of bleach and water, wiping them down and the fridge itself once they are clean. This will not only help you keep the area clean, but it will also allow you to sanitize it effectively as well, just remember to protect your hands from bleach by wearing rubber gloves while you clean.

  • Bedroom cleaning
Your bedroom will also need cleaning, but you will need to pay special attention to your bedding above all. It needs to be washed every two weeks in the worst cases, as it will collect dander and dust as you sleep in your bed, spreading it around every time you flap your covers or you jump on it. It needs to be completed often enough, especially if you have any allergies that affect your daily life, meaning you need to be diligent and keen in your duties cleaning it, as it is the place where you will be most vulnerable to dust.

  • Bathroom cleaning

   Bathrooms are also a location that needs special attention and a lot more spring cleaning than usual. They tend to collect quite a bit of problems if you ignore them, such as mold due to high moisture levels and caulk building around the shower heads and sinks. You can deal with both with a few easy solutions, such as white vinegar or lemon juice for caulk breakdown or a good antifungal cleaning solution, such as bleach, white vinegar, borax or other more commercial cleaners specifically made for this reason. Pay special attention to the floors, as they will often see a lot of hair and dander as well. They will need to be washed with great care often enough to eliminate the problem.

  • Hiring a cleaning company
If you think you simply don’t have the time to deal with all of this during your daily chores, you can get scheduled cleanings going on by contacting a professional cleaning company. They will handle carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and bathroom cleaning at a reasonable price. You will need to contact several companies before you can call it a day, so look for a solution ahead.

Article contributed by Ella Andrews on behalf of Carpet Cleaning services in Balham


  1. So much to do! Our fridge definitely needs a good cleaning. The 1 room I don't need to address is the bathroom since I entirely disinfect it every week. I'm a little OCD about that room!


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