Getting Ready For Spring Gardening

Remember the article I referenced yesterday on how soil makes you happy?  Well, I decided to take the advice for myself.  Everyone needs to find a way to unwind.  And sometimes that way you unwind has to be practical or it goes undone.  My unwinding process, was to walk around in my yard for a bit and finally to look at my abandoned day lily bed.  I took a few moments to get rid of the dry brush left over from last spring to reveal the new life that has just begun to break through.  It felt good.  It was therapeutic.  And now I'm looking forward to actually fixing the bed for this spring season.  Did I mention that I felt better afterwards?

Isn't she a beauty?  Looking forward to adding some companions.
A co-worker thinned out her orange day lilies and they need a new home.



  1. Aren't you just so happy it's spring??! Enjoy your new plants!

  2. It is so wonderful when all those new plants start peeking through the dirt for a new year of showing off. : )

  3. Looking good. The lilies will be blooming soon! I always feel better after spending some time in the yard too.

  4. Good job! I cleaned out some of my lily beds yesterday too. It was our first really gorgeous day -- 70 and sunny. Today it's gray and back in the 60s, so I'm glad I got out there yesterday. Clearing away the remaining leaves and detritus always makes it look more like spring -- even if there's a lot of bare dirt (in my yard at least).


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