Valentine’s Day Through the Ages {Guest Post}

I love the writing style of GeGe from GeGe Crochet.  I hope you too enjoy her contribution to my Valentine's Series.  Here, GeGe gives her personal recount of Valentine's Day through the years....

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Elementary School:
But mooooom! If I give Daniel the “You’re sweet” candy heart, he’s going to think I like him! That’s gross! I want to give it to Sarah instead, because she’s my best friend.

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Middle School:
Oh wow. I’m pretty sure James is going to give me a Valentines card because I totally saw him looking at me in gym class. Do you think he saw me looking at him, too? I pretended to look at him through my hair as I was playing with it, and that’s how I totally know he was looking at me. I’m so going to marry him!

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High School:
So, should I give Derek the teddy bear with the leather biker outfit or the one with the angel wings because he’s, like, so into black yet he’s so sweet and totally gets me, you know? Do you think he’s going to marry me? Oh man. If I give him the wrong one he’ll think it’s so lame and then dump me and then I’m so going to DIIIIIIIE. Maybe I should text him again to see if he still loves me.

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College, part 1:
Ugh. Valentine’s Day. The day to remind me that I’m going to be a lonely old maid for the rest of my life. An ugly old maid with lots of cats like Professor Smith. Actually, she has a wedding ring. Gah. Even ugly old cat lady Professor Smith has a man. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? I’m going to be alone forever and this stupid holiday is the worst day of the year for shoving it in my face AGAIN! I freaking hate Valentine’s Day!

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College, part 2:
Oh wow. We’ve been dating for 3 months now so I am going to make him a picture frame and fill it with memories of the last few months and put a picture in it of us that we’ll take tonight, our very first Valentine’s Day. I just need to buy the frame from Michaels, get some glitter puff paint and some shellac, and then make sure I buy a really cute dress because I’m pretty sure he’s the one and he’s going to treasure this forever and we can show our kids when we’re old. He’s taking me out to a fancy restaurant in Santa Fe so I better borrow my mom’s long leather coat so I’ll be warm and look hot, too. I can’t believe how much I love him! This is going to be the BEST VALENTINE’S DAY EVER!

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Married a couple years:
Oh crap. I really don’t know what to get him this year. He likes practical stuff and, though he hung that picture frame I made him when we were first dating, I haven’t seen it since. So….a card with a fart joke? Do they make those for Valentine’s Day? Gah. Maybe a tie. Yeah. A tie will work.

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Married a few more years:
Crap. It’s Valentine’s Day again. I never know what to get him. Ugh. Luckily the grocery store wasn’t out of cards when I picked stuff up after work. He always gets me thoughtful gifts- like the latest book from my favorite author and what did I get him? A freaking tie. I suck. Valentine’s Day sucks. Everything sucks. Except him. He’s the best and I am the worst. I freaking hate Valentine’s Day.

Married a few more years:
He came up with the best idea this year! He knows how much I love cooking and want him to cook with me, but he hates it almost as much as I hate Valentine’s Day. So his gift to me is for us to cook a romantic meal together and eat it at home instead of having to fight the crowds for a good seat at an overpriced restaurant. This is going to be the BEST VALENTINE’S DAY EVER! I hope they didn’t run out of cards at the grocery store yet….

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Married even a few more years:
Our cooking together each Valentine’s Day has become our “thing” now. I really love cooking with him. Though I wouldn’t mind going out to a fancy restaurant with him, but hey. We don’t have kids, so we go out to fancy restaurants all the time, anyway, and this way, we get to finish the bottle of wine and not worry about driving home. Valentine’s Day is just another day, anyway. He knows I love him, I know he loves me, and we still get to cook a fancy meal together. Do I have to get him another card this year?

After kid #1:
What day is it? Have I showered today? *haa haa* Nope- didn’t brush my teeth. I hope it’s not Valentine’s Day again because that would suck. Maybe for Valentine’s Day, we could pretend we didn’t have a kid and then SLEEP. Man. That would be awesome. I miss sleep. Better check the calendar to see if I have to go to the grocery store for a stupid flipping card.

After kid #2:
What the heck. Again? Seriously? Every freaking year? The one day of the year where it throws it in your face how much you’re supposed to be glad you’ve got a “Valentine” to spend forever with and all I want is to be alone for the day. Heck. I’d even take 5 minutes of alone time so I can go to the bathroom by myself. Cards are stupid. Chocolate makes me fat. I bet he’ll want me to cook again. Why can’t we go out to a fancy restaurant so that I will have an excuse to be pretty again?? This day sucks.

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After kids have gotten a little older:
Oh- I think they’ll have fun cutting out these hearts out of construction paper and making their Valentine’s cards for daddy. I’m sure he’s going to treasure it forever. I hope they don’t see the commercials about chocolate for today. That’s all I need. For them to eat some chocolate and then not go to sleep. MAMA AND DADDY NEED SOME ALONE TIME, KIDS. Then mama and daddy can give each other their Valentines….ifyouknowwhatI’msayin’.  Man.  I miss Valentine’s Day.  I sure wish we could go out to a fancy restaurant soon.
Oh crap. I hope the grocery store hasn’t run out of cards yet.

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This year marks the 18th Valentine’s Day with my Valentine. I’d totally give him the “You’re Sweet” candy heart. Maybe I’ll crochet him one tonight…I’m sure he’ll treasure it forever.  

Thank you GeGe for letting us in on your Valentine's Day through the years.  To read more of GeGe's stories and to see her wonderful crochet projects, check out her blog - GeGe Crochet.

With Love,


  1. Thanks for letting me be a part of your Valentine's Day Series! If you want to see a picture of that first Valentine's Day picture frame I made for My Mister, head on over to my blog:

    Oh....and I totally got him a card today. ;)

  2. Lol! This was hilarious. I guess we are at the two kids. We didn't even exchange cards.


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