Nothing like a clean fridge...for real

During my kitchen organization/declutter phase (I'm not finished, by the way), I decided to tackle my refrigerator.  I've read about having "zones", hadn't thought much of it, but I now realize the importance of having zones, especially for someone like me who is not naturally organized.

I cleaned out my refrigerator with baking soda and water - apparently (according to one article that I read), using sprays and soaps with fragrance can seep those fragrances into your foods.  Makes sense, but I still ended up having to grab one of those sprays.  I reached for Mrs. Meyer's All Purpose Cleaner to clean those tough spots underneath the produce drawers.  Then I went back to my baking soda paste.

I also decided to make refrigerator mats.  They seem to be kind of expensive, plus I've never seen one face-to-face, and ordering something like that didn't make much sense at the time, so I made my own mats out of Dollar Tree vinyl placements.  I saw that somewhere.  Maybe a blog.  Maybe a Youtube video.  Maybe Pinterest.  Can't remember.  Anyhoo, I spent only $8 to make that project happen.

It's been a couple of weeks now and my fridge is just as clean as it was the day I decided to reorganize.  In a perfect world, I'd only have clear containers to store in the fridge and I could see everything crystal clear.  But for now, I'm content with the look and the system so far.

So what about you?  Do you have zones in your refrigerator?


  1. Nice work Libby! It is so organized now. I love the place mats in the fridge. That is a unique idea.I wish my fridge could be organized but I live with a man so things like cheese never end up back in the cheess drawer, etc.!

  2. So clean and organized. I really love your shelf liners!

  3. I try to keep it somewhat organized...but usually I end up piling stuff in there, where I can see an open spot :) You did a great job with yours


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