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Think back to December of 2013.  If you recall, I did a feature on filmwriter, R. Shanea Williams.  In that post, she let us in on her short film, Contamination, that was in the making.  Fast forward a little more than year later, and I'm glad to let you know that her short film was a huge success!

Now, I'm equally excited to announce that Ms. Williams has another short film, Paralysis, ready to debut to the world, but not without a little help from you and me (but I'll get to that later).

So what's the story about Paralysis?
Paralysis is a short-length psychological horror film about Jessica, an African American photographer suffering with a sleep disorder. After a painful divorce, Jessica moves into a new apartment and is plagued by terrifying occurrences, which she fears are coming from a supernatural entity. "Paralysis" is written and will be directed by R. Shanea Williams and produced by Anthony J. Davis.

There are very few films with African American protagonists that are complex and dynamic, defying genre. Paralysis is a psychological horror film. It will explore dreams, reality, the depths of the subconscious and our very human battle with inner demons. We will follow Jessica on a very intense and unsettling journey as she confronts monsters both “real” and invisible. 

So how can we help?  

1.     PLEASE DONATE.  An IndieGoGo campaign has recently been launched: ( Please click on the link, view the promotional teaser, artwork and great rewards that have been created for supporters.  Even a $10 contribution can go a long way! 

2.     PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.  Use all forms of social media to get the word out. There is only 60 days to reach this goal.

3.     PLEASE STAY CONNECTED. Follow us on Twitter @vision7580 and like our Facebook fan page ( This is where you will receive the latest updates.

Personally, I've already made my contribution to this film.  I can't wait to see it!

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