Finding Ways to Say "I Love You" To Your Spouse on a Budget

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I have a married friend with three girls each practically a year apart.  She is also a SAHM and in my opinion has done a wonderful job of creating a home.  We don't see each other very often, maybe every two years or so, but when we do we just catch up on everything.  One thing she mentioned that I have not forgotten is this:  She said that married women need single women in their lives.  What?!  She began explaining how marriage is a ministry and the full-time responsibilities of raising a family and how we (as God's people) are charged to be helpers one of another.  She said that she (and I'm paraphrasing here because it's been a while since this conversation) needed her single friends, just like her single friends needed her but in different ways.  They each have something to offer each other.  It may sound like she was suggesting that it's great to have single friends who can watch your kids, but really she meant more than that.  As the years have passed I understand that even better.

I'm single.  Most of my friends and acquaintances are not.  Our lives are very different.  Most days the reality is that I cannot expect to see my friends very often because they have husbands and children to tend to.  I accept that.  But then I realized something.  I am surrounded often by younger married couples and I hear a lot.  I hear the struggle.  Most days I don't say anything because I don't think they think my (single) opinion matters, but recently I'm learning that I have a voice too, even if I don't have a husband.  The conversations that I hear a lot of is this:  how to spend time with my spouse when we are (1) practically broke or (2) have little children and can't seem to ever have time to ourselves.

So, this is what I want to share about that:  there are many ways to share your love with your spouse in meaningful ways...on a budget.  I contacted my dear bloggy friend, Charity from "The Word of a Nerd".  She has given me permission to use her thoughts on this topic as she is a new mother to twin boys born not too long ago.

How to Date Your Husband

Depending on your location (i.e. big city or teeny tiny town), these activities may vary.  

Charity's Tip #1:  Look for Deals via Living Social
  • Massages
  • Mani/Pedi's
  • Dinner Deals
  • Movie Deals
  • Painting/Cooking Classes
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Charity's Tip #2:  Enjoy Free (And Practically Free) Activities
  • Bike Rides
  • Having picnics on the beach or at the park. (We did a breakfast picnic at the beach before, it was a real challenge to have food ready that early but it was a real treat to watch the sunrise while eating breakfast.)
  • Movie Nights - netflix, popcorn, snack, and pizza (or whatever was for dinner)
  • DIY projects - I was never into DIY stuff but my husband loves it so I find projects for us to do together.
  • Local stuff like exhibits, plays etc that are free or cheap in the community.
  • Game Night - board games or video games.  
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  • Ice cream Dates - we go and get icecream together or nerd it up at starbucks.
  • Volunteering - In Florida we volunteered at our local homeless shelter, and boys and girls club.
  • Chores - we cook, clean, and reorganize and decorate together. Its work but its fun.  
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And I'm sure the rest of you, my married blogger friends, have even more to share to help young couples who are struggling to find their way (or older ones who may have forgotten theirs).  I hope that this list of fun activities helps someone.

I've never understood why some people feel that showing their love means emptying their pockets.  After reading 5 Love Languages (I read the Singles edition, but the languages are still the same), I realize that some people's love language is gifts, but there are other languages (or a combination of them) to consider.  And they don't have to cost you your entire paycheck and more.

Remember Valentine's Day is just one day, but true love lasts forever!

With Love,


  1. These are great ideas. Love on a budget, but given with a great heart. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Now I have to get creative with kids....oy!


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