February Giveaway Sponsored by Tracyville {Valentine's Series}


Guess who's sponsoring a giveaway?  My dear friend Tracy of Tracyville.  :-)

So how does this giveaway work?

 photo hearts005words2_zps270ffff0.jpg

 photo hearts047words3_zps2d69c246.jpg

 photo hearts020words_zpse06ead76.jpg

 photo hearts037words_zpsaa05bc9d.jpg

 photo hearts014words_zps9cde5cfa.jpg

Here are some samples of the heartful sweeties, that I 1) made from scratch and 2) upcycled because that's how I do it around here. Ha, Ha! I embellished each one with various combinations of ribbons, flowers buttons and peppermint striped yarn. These hearts are an $8.00-$18.00 value...a sweet, gift to get for FREE and each one will be chosen randomly for each customer's order! :D


So go right ahead, and check out Tracy's store.  Lots of wonderful goodies lie in store.  :-)

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  1. This comes super late, but thanks so much Libby for sharing my February giveaway! I appreciate that!!


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