DIY Printing Stamp with Craft Foam Shapes {Guest Post} {Valentine's Series}

In honor of Valentine’s Day I’ve whipped up a quick little printing project using craft foam shapes.  These are perfect for making your own printing stamps that you can use to stamp paper, fabric or anything else you can think of!
The craft foam shapes are great because most of the cutting work is done for you. They also come with adhesive already on the back, making your stamps ready to attach to your stamping block. You can use the shapes as is, arranging them into your own design:
Or further customize the stamps by cutting some intricate shapes into the stamps for a more organic look.
Once your shapes are cut to your liking and arrange them in your desired pattern.  Peel of the adhesive backing and stick to on a piece of glass, acrylic block or wood block, and Voila! You’ve got a custom stamp. You can use this stamp with an inkpad on paper, or with fabric paint on fabric.
Now print with abandon on your paper, fabric or other substrate. So, raid your kids craft stash and go forth and make something pretty!

This post was written and submitted by Yetunde Rodriguez of Yetunde Rodriguez Design, formerly of AfroMartha.  I have been a fan of Yetunde's work from the beginning.  Her background in graphic design and love for patterns, fabrics, and ethnic prints have defined her style.  To see Yetunde's past works, visit her AfroMartha blog, but to see what's she's currently pursuing, please visit Yetunde Rodriguez Design.  You'll be amazed! 

With Love,


  1. Interesting must try it on fabric some time , how do you apply the paint uniformly on the foam for fabric ? how thich are the foam you used?

    1. Hi Diya!
      Thanks for checking out the post. To uniformly apply the paint to the foam, you can either 'spounce' it on with a spouncer or roll it on with a foam roller. The foam that I used were very thin, like 2mm. To make a thicker stamp you can stack 2-3 pieces of foam together then cut your shape.

  2. Great idea to use the foam cutouts for stamps! So fun.


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