Clever Home Organizing Tips {Guest Post}

There are many ways you can organize your home better, but one of the major ones is that the one and simple fact that you will rarely use all you own as your life goes on. More than two thirds of what people own usually sits around for years without ever being touched, so we end up with large piles of belongings we never use that simply get in the way and make keeping order a real chore. All of these may mean you need to do a serious house clearance, junk removal and furniture disposal through clearance services before you can move on to organizing. 

The following tips will let you know what you can do to keep things under control:

  • Ceiling storage around your garage
The garage is one of the most useful places around your home in terms of storage, so using its ceiling as hanging space can be a winning move if you want to keep some of the items around. All it takes is proper preparations and you will have all the space you need when you’re done with your garage. You will not be able to store heavier items due to the inherent danger to your vehicle, but the area will be of great use to you in the long run.
  • Yarn storage
Do you like knitting and crocheting? If that’s the case and if you own a cat, then you already know the answer to this equation: complete chaos. If you want to keep things more organized, then you will need some more controlled storage solutions. You can use coffee canisters located horizontally on your wall to store your different colors, plus it will be harder for the cat to reach them if they have caps on. This will allow you to find the colors you need without having to dig through piles of yarn to get to them.
  • Using pegboard
Even though it’s not a really beautiful sight, it still provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to keeping your items organized and prepared for the times ahead. You will need a small room where you keep some items in storage to use pegboard to its fullest advantage. A closet or a studio will work best for this, allowing you to organize your space after a major home clearance.
  • Using tension rods
Although you will likely use those for shower curtains, you can also make great use of them around the kitchen with a bit of prep work involved.  Whether you plan on using them as dividers for your cabinets or something else is up to you, but you can really make use of it.  Hanging your spray bottles under the sinks will work well with this, keeping things easy to reach and work with.

  • Using magnetic racks for utensils
If you have a good bit of utensils that need some place you can store them, then you can find the perfect solution in the form of magnetic racks. A simple magnetized strip will allow you to keep them on hand and within easy reach.

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This post was written and submitted by Ella Andrews, an avid blogger by hobby, and copywriter by profession.

I've definitely been enjoying finding new ways to organize my items at home - especially after decluttering. I watched a Youtube video recently that reminded me that you can't organize clutter! What are some unique storage solutions that you live by?


  1. She shared some really great tips. Thank you.

  2. Great ideas! The shed at my old house had tons of hanging hooks from the ceilings and walls. They were incredibly handy for organizing.


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