Help Support Paralysis, a short film by R. Shanea Williams


Think back to December of 2013.  If you recall, I did a feature on filmwriter, R. Shanea Williams.  In that post, she let us in on her short film, Contamination, that was in the making.  Fast forward a little more than year later, and I'm glad to let you know that her short film was a huge success!

Now, I'm equally excited to announce that Ms. Williams has another short film, Paralysis, ready to debut to the world, but not without a little help from you and me (but I'll get to that later).

So what's the story about Paralysis?
Paralysis is a short-length psychological horror film about Jessica, an African American photographer suffering with a sleep disorder. After a painful divorce, Jessica moves into a new apartment and is plagued by terrifying occurrences, which she fears are coming from a supernatural entity. "Paralysis" is written and will be directed by R. Shanea Williams and produced by Anthony J. Davis.

There are very few films with African American protagonists that are complex and dynamic, defying genre. Paralysis is a psychological horror film. It will explore dreams, reality, the depths of the subconscious and our very human battle with inner demons. We will follow Jessica on a very intense and unsettling journey as she confronts monsters both “real” and invisible. 

So how can we help?  

1.     PLEASE DONATE.  An IndieGoGo campaign has recently been launched: ( Please click on the link, view the promotional teaser, artwork and great rewards that have been created for supporters.  Even a $10 contribution can go a long way! 

2.     PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.  Use all forms of social media to get the word out. There is only 60 days to reach this goal.

3.     PLEASE STAY CONNECTED. Follow us on Twitter @vision7580 and like our Facebook fan page ( This is where you will receive the latest updates.

Personally, I've already made my contribution to this film.  I can't wait to see it!

Top 5 Most Influential Films {Guest Post}

by R. Shanea Williams

R. Shanea Williams, writer, filmaker, and script consultant

My dream to become a filmmaker has been a life-long one. It wasn’t until 2013 and 2014 though that the dream was not only realized but was celebrated. I wrote and directed my award-winning second short film “Contamination” which was officially selected for 8 film festivals and nominated for several awards.

I’m often asked about the films that I love which is almost an impossible question because so many films have affected in me in so many ways. But one thing I am very clear about is the films that have had to strongest influence on me and films that I continue to use as inspiration as I continue my film career.

Below is my painstaking list of the top 5 films that have influenced me and inspired me most as a filmmaker.
  1. DO THE RIGHT THING (Dir: Spike Lee, 1989): What makes this film the most influential film in my life is that it’s the film that made me want to be a filmmaker. Up until I saw this film, I was simply content with pursuing a career as a writer. When I saw this film, I was completely mesmerized. It was visually stunning, poetic, and absolutely riveting. This film pretty much changed everything for me. 
    {Image Source}
  2. KILLER OF SHEEP (Dir: Charles Burnett, 1981): This is an amazing little film exploring the life of a weary man who works at a slaughterhouse and his personal struggles and frustrations in his family. What is absolutely superb about this gritty masterpiece is the use of Italian neo-realism to illuminate the lives of everyday working class African Americans in Watts. This film really opened up eternal possibilities about the stories I wanted to tell and the way I wanted to tell them. There are scenes in this film that are etched on my brain because of their profound emotional punch.
    {Image Source}
  3. EVE’S BAYOU (Dir: Kasi Lemmons, 1997): This film is exquisitely shot and the story is deeply compelling. There are wonderful performances in this southern gothic drama about an upper middle class black family in the Louisiana bayou in 1962. There is so much texture in this film and in its layered story that it feels like cinematic literature. The moody atmosphere, the supernatural themes, and the messy emotional bonds of family hold me hostage with every repeat viewing.
    {Image Source}
  4. IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (Dir: Wong Kar Wai, 2001): I would not be exaggerating if I labeled this film ‘cinematic perfection.’ It is brilliantly shot. The imagery is lush, beautiful and every moment seems to be so elegantly choreographed, the film feels like a musical symphony. Wong Kar Wai has been one of my favorite directors for the past 15 years or so when I discovered his work in college. It opened me up to Asian cinema and foreign cinema in general. This film is incredibly moving with breathtaking visuals and I can only hope to one day make a film as staggering as this.
    {Image Source}
  5. AMORES PERROS (Dir: Alejandro Inarritu, 2000): This film explores three stories connected to a traumatic incident in Mexico City. The first time I saw this, I was absolutely blown away by how perfectly the stories weaved together and how emotionally riveting the storylines were. The film speaks very strongly to the theme of human fragility and that captivated me. It had a powerful effect on me, opening me up to new ways to tell stories and express universal themes. If I could tie this film with another it would probably be Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” because in a similar way it opened me up to exciting ways to explore characters and stories. But “Amores Perros” resonates more because the heart in this film just beats so loudly, so strongly it can’t be denied.
    {Image Source}
About R. Shanea Williams:
R. Shanea Williams is a writer, filmmaker and script consultant who currently resides in Queens, New York. She directed her second short film “Contamination” in 2013. This acclaimed and award-winning short film blazed the festival circuit in 2014. Williams is a movie buff, a music junkie, and a proud nerd. Follow her on twitter @rshanea722.

Currently she is excited to begin work on her next film “Paralysis.” Which she launched an Indiego-go campaign for. See details here:

Thank you, R. Shanea Williams for this guest post.  I think I need to rent a couple of movies to catch up on this short list.  Time to cash in my free movie rental code I received for Christmas.  And what about you, my readers?  What movies make your most influential list?

Stop by tomorrow, for more details on R. Shanea Williams' new short film, Paralysis.

Our First Real Snow


Mr. Weatherman said it was supposed to snow on Tuesday morning, but that it wasn't going to accumulate.  I got up to go to work as usual, but when I went to start my car, I noticed that it was snowing and that it was accumulating.  I know for those not living in NC it seems strange to wonder if you're going to work over minor snow flurries, but it is our situation.  I wondered why I hadn't received a call to indicate what our status was.  That's when I realized that my cell phone's battery had died in the night.  I charge it, turned it on, and realized that I did receive a call around 6 A.M. telling me that we were on a 2-hr delay.  No need to go back to bed now.  My Mom reiterated that, so I decided to start working on a grad school assignment.

Not long after I had my cup of hot cocoa and a baked grilled cheese sandwich, did I get another call indicating that school was closed for everybody.

I tried to stay up and read all those long articles glaring back at me, but sooner rather than later, I realized that I was nose-deep in articles, but not because of reading them, but due to sleeping on them!

After a long nap, I got up, feeling much more rejuvenated and decided to really be productive on my (other) school work.

In the meantime, my Mom cooked one of those down-South-being-really-resourceful meals.  The dish doesn't have a name, but just know she worked wonders with a pack of chicken backs and some noodles.  And yes, my friends, it was good!  The things this woman can do...

I don't know the remaining schedule, but just know that Mr. Weatherman said it was really supposed to snow Wednesday night.  We shall see.  Until then, I'm catching up on work.  Going out in the elements isn't necessary.


How To Maximise Cabinet Storage for Efficient Organising {Guest Post}

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It seems that no matter what you do, you never have enough cabinet space. Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, you need cabinets which are spacious enough to store all your belongings, so that they aren't in the way. But most of the time all you actually do is keep the cabinets filled with useless items. What you need is to find a way to organise your cabinets more efficiently. I know this isn't an easy task, that's why I'm going to help you ensure maximum storage in the house. 

Funny fact: we stuff our cabinets with things we don't use and leave the most important ones out of the pantry. How to deal with that? Well, have you tried getting rid of the things you don't need? Below I'm going to show you how to get organised the easy way. Don't miss it.

Remove Unnecessary Objects
Step number one is: get rid of that unnecessary stuff. Let's face it, everybody tends to
{Image Source}
store objects they almost never use. Frying pans you never cooked with, colourful hair scrunchies, a set of pencils, screws, bowls, extra silver and china in case you're ever expecting twenty people for dinner all at once. What else? An extra set of toothbrushes, additional rolls of paper towel, two toilet bowl cleaners (because retailers always try to convince you two is better than one; I mean who knows what might happen, if you accidentally run out of cleaning solutions.) I bet you don't even remember buying that saucier? But you dumped it into your cabinet in case you need it some day. I hate to say it but chances are you'll never need it. Not in this life.

When you open your cabinet, it's almost hard to make out all the things you have. “How did it all end up lying in my cabinet?” Remember that discount at the retail store? That's how it did. You bought it. And now you're going to have to get rid of it.

I suggest you scrutinise your cabinet and remove any unnecessary objects. This is the best way to create more space for the stuff you need. When considering which items to keep, think about when was the last time you used them and if the answer is “never” or “six months ago”, I think you know what you should do.

If you want to benefit from the things you get rid of, you can consider selling them. There are a bunch of online shops where you can display your stuff.

Store Similar Items Together
Once you clear all the items that serve no purpose whatsoever, it's time to organise the rest.

It's wise to put all similar items in one place. For example, collect all pens and place them in a box in one of the corners. Next to them place your papers, if you have any. If you're trying to organise your kitchen cabinetry, assign a special place for your bowls, plates, glasses and cups, cutlery, spice jars, etc. If you want to organise your bathroom cabinets more efficiently, repeat the same procedure: find a designated place for your towels, toothbrushes, soaps, toilet paper, etc. And don't let your cabinets get crowded ever again.

Store Some Items Away
You probably store items in your kitchen cabinet that don't belong there but to another place. Now is the best time to store them away. You know best where your belongings should go, so make sure you store them accordingly. This is another great way to ensure more free space in your cabinet.

Author Bio: Anna Aamone shares her recommendations and tips on efficient organizing to help you all with decluttering and keeping your homes tidy. She works for Tenancy Cleaning Chiswick and maintaining a clean house is her number one priority.

Happy Organizing,

DIY Oatmeal Packets {Recipe}

I don't know about you, but it seems that having a sitdown breakfast just doesn't happen on workdays.  Weekends, maybe.  But workdays, nope.  My commute to work isn't terribly far, but if I'm good I'll leave home by 6:45 which means that I would have to get up even earlier to actually cook breakfast each morning.  Not!  So, I'm always intrigued by quick breakfasts that venture on the healthy side.

I think you like oatmeal or you don't.  I like it.  If I had it my way, it would be steel cut all the way with cinnamon and maple syrup.  Steel cut is by far healthier, but the quick cooking oats in my home are going to get used up one way or another.

I was intrigued by this video, posted by Kathryn from the Do It on A Dime Channel.  So much so that I made my own packets immediately.  The only mods:  I used dried cranberries and almond slivers and I didn't add any salt.

I of course didn't make the bulk recipe because I wanted to try it out first.  I just did the math to make 4-5 packets.

My thoughts:  I don't have a Keurig or access to one at work, so I just added water and popped it into the microwave.  (This was a great way to have breakfast since I'm on bus duty at work and have to be there even earlier.)  The oatmeal was pretty good.  The creamer made it with a creamy consistency.  I wanted to try the dry milk but it was way more expensive.  I think that I could probably play around with the ingredients to make it even more to my taste.  I like the idea of making my own packets instead of the store-bought kind, but the knowledge that these type oats aren't the "best" for you makes me want to reconsider and perhaps try a steel cut oat version.

Would I try these again:  Yes, but with modifications.

If you're curious about the health factor of the oats, this is what I've been reading:  foods that take your body longer to process are better because they don't elevate your glycemic index so quickly.  Carbs don't have to be bad for you.  There are fast burning carbs and slow burning carbs.  Quick oats are not as healthy because of the way the oats are processed and they burn up quickly.  Steel cut oats work the opposite way and are a better choice.

p.s.  I think the next recipe I'll try is an overnight steel cut oatmeal in the crockpot.  Sounds exciting!

Happy Breakfast Making,

Pesto Ranch Chicken Thighs {Recipe}

On Valentine's Day I decided to make a wonderful, super simple Crockpot dish - Pesto Ranch Chicken Thighs.  Talk about a 1-2-3 meal.  This definitely is it!

I found the recipe on Pinterest of course, but as there are only a couple of ingredients I don't feel bad sharing them here.  Of course, I believe in giving credit where credit is due, so I'm linking to the original source here.

Recipe:  Pesto Ranch Chicken


  • pack of chicken thighs (recipe calls for boneless, skinless; I used bone=in thighs and pulled off the skin)
  • jar of pesto (I used one of my homemade jars of pesto that I had in the freezer)
  • a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip
  • 1/2 cup of chicken broth

Put it all in the crockpot.  Stir it up.  Cook on high for 3-4 hrs.

After the chicken was done, I took my dish to my mom's and added it to her yummy leftovers from a previous meal - brown rice, cabbage, cooked carrots.

So, so good!  And let me tell you.  They weren't your ordinary cooked carrots.  They were cooked in orange marmalade and a bit of curry.  Super tasty!

I'm feeling a real affection for my crockpot and this meal proved worthy of the pin.  Now, since I am sort of a Pin-fanatic, I'll say that I stumbled upon some DIY Ranch dressing seasoning mixes.  Next time I'll make my own dry mix instead of using that store-bought packet.  You know, I love controlling my own salt.  Plus, it gives me an excuse for growing some more herbs this year.  :-)

And because I'm loving videos these days, here's the recipe in action!

Bon Appetit,

Clever Home Organizing Tips {Guest Post}


There are many ways you can organize your home better, but one of the major ones is that the one and simple fact that you will rarely use all you own as your life goes on. More than two thirds of what people own usually sits around for years without ever being touched, so we end up with large piles of belongings we never use that simply get in the way and make keeping order a real chore. All of these may mean you need to do a serious house clearance, junk removal and furniture disposal through clearance services before you can move on to organizing. 

The following tips will let you know what you can do to keep things under control:

  • Ceiling storage around your garage
The garage is one of the most useful places around your home in terms of storage, so using its ceiling as hanging space can be a winning move if you want to keep some of the items around. All it takes is proper preparations and you will have all the space you need when you’re done with your garage. You will not be able to store heavier items due to the inherent danger to your vehicle, but the area will be of great use to you in the long run.
  • Yarn storage
Do you like knitting and crocheting? If that’s the case and if you own a cat, then you already know the answer to this equation: complete chaos. If you want to keep things more organized, then you will need some more controlled storage solutions. You can use coffee canisters located horizontally on your wall to store your different colors, plus it will be harder for the cat to reach them if they have caps on. This will allow you to find the colors you need without having to dig through piles of yarn to get to them.
  • Using pegboard
Even though it’s not a really beautiful sight, it still provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to keeping your items organized and prepared for the times ahead. You will need a small room where you keep some items in storage to use pegboard to its fullest advantage. A closet or a studio will work best for this, allowing you to organize your space after a major home clearance.
  • Using tension rods
Although you will likely use those for shower curtains, you can also make great use of them around the kitchen with a bit of prep work involved.  Whether you plan on using them as dividers for your cabinets or something else is up to you, but you can really make use of it.  Hanging your spray bottles under the sinks will work well with this, keeping things easy to reach and work with.

  • Using magnetic racks for utensils
If you have a good bit of utensils that need some place you can store them, then you can find the perfect solution in the form of magnetic racks. A simple magnetized strip will allow you to keep them on hand and within easy reach.

For more home clearance tips and advises click here.

This post was written and submitted by Ella Andrews, an avid blogger by hobby, and copywriter by profession.

I've definitely been enjoying finding new ways to organize my items at home - especially after decluttering. I watched a Youtube video recently that reminded me that you can't organize clutter! What are some unique storage solutions that you live by?

Happy Valentine's Day 2015

{Image Source}

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day.  I hope you've enjoyed the variety of posts written this week by my guest bloggers and myself.  If you missed it, no worries, just check back.

Remember, it's okay to break tradition.  Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about romance, it can be a day simply filled with the ones you love.  As for me, I'm hanging out with my mom and loving it.  We already exchanged our cards.  :-)

Have a great day!

With Love,

My Valentine's Day Decor {Video}

This year I'm trying to decorate more throughout the year.  So, for this Valentine's season, I chose to decorate my dining room table and buffet.  Everything purchased was from the Dollar Tree and the rest was free.

Hope you enjoy!

With Love,

Valentine’s Day Through the Ages {Guest Post}

I love the writing style of GeGe from GeGe Crochet.  I hope you too enjoy her contribution to my Valentine's Series.  Here, GeGe gives her personal recount of Valentine's Day through the years....

{Image Source}
Elementary School:
But mooooom! If I give Daniel the “You’re sweet” candy heart, he’s going to think I like him! That’s gross! I want to give it to Sarah instead, because she’s my best friend.

{Image Source}
Middle School:
Oh wow. I’m pretty sure James is going to give me a Valentines card because I totally saw him looking at me in gym class. Do you think he saw me looking at him, too? I pretended to look at him through my hair as I was playing with it, and that’s how I totally know he was looking at me. I’m so going to marry him!

{Image Source}
High School:
So, should I give Derek the teddy bear with the leather biker outfit or the one with the angel wings because he’s, like, so into black yet he’s so sweet and totally gets me, you know? Do you think he’s going to marry me? Oh man. If I give him the wrong one he’ll think it’s so lame and then dump me and then I’m so going to DIIIIIIIE. Maybe I should text him again to see if he still loves me.

{Image Source}

College, part 1:
Ugh. Valentine’s Day. The day to remind me that I’m going to be a lonely old maid for the rest of my life. An ugly old maid with lots of cats like Professor Smith. Actually, she has a wedding ring. Gah. Even ugly old cat lady Professor Smith has a man. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? I’m going to be alone forever and this stupid holiday is the worst day of the year for shoving it in my face AGAIN! I freaking hate Valentine’s Day!

{Image Source}
College, part 2:
Oh wow. We’ve been dating for 3 months now so I am going to make him a picture frame and fill it with memories of the last few months and put a picture in it of us that we’ll take tonight, our very first Valentine’s Day. I just need to buy the frame from Michaels, get some glitter puff paint and some shellac, and then make sure I buy a really cute dress because I’m pretty sure he’s the one and he’s going to treasure this forever and we can show our kids when we’re old. He’s taking me out to a fancy restaurant in Santa Fe so I better borrow my mom’s long leather coat so I’ll be warm and look hot, too. I can’t believe how much I love him! This is going to be the BEST VALENTINE’S DAY EVER!

{Image Source}

Married a couple years:
Oh crap. I really don’t know what to get him this year. He likes practical stuff and, though he hung that picture frame I made him when we were first dating, I haven’t seen it since. So….a card with a fart joke? Do they make those for Valentine’s Day? Gah. Maybe a tie. Yeah. A tie will work.

{Image Source}

Married a few more years:
Crap. It’s Valentine’s Day again. I never know what to get him. Ugh. Luckily the grocery store wasn’t out of cards when I picked stuff up after work. He always gets me thoughtful gifts- like the latest book from my favorite author and what did I get him? A freaking tie. I suck. Valentine’s Day sucks. Everything sucks. Except him. He’s the best and I am the worst. I freaking hate Valentine’s Day.

Married a few more years:
He came up with the best idea this year! He knows how much I love cooking and want him to cook with me, but he hates it almost as much as I hate Valentine’s Day. So his gift to me is for us to cook a romantic meal together and eat it at home instead of having to fight the crowds for a good seat at an overpriced restaurant. This is going to be the BEST VALENTINE’S DAY EVER! I hope they didn’t run out of cards at the grocery store yet….

{Image Source}

Married even a few more years:
Our cooking together each Valentine’s Day has become our “thing” now. I really love cooking with him. Though I wouldn’t mind going out to a fancy restaurant with him, but hey. We don’t have kids, so we go out to fancy restaurants all the time, anyway, and this way, we get to finish the bottle of wine and not worry about driving home. Valentine’s Day is just another day, anyway. He knows I love him, I know he loves me, and we still get to cook a fancy meal together. Do I have to get him another card this year?

After kid #1:
What day is it? Have I showered today? *haa haa* Nope- didn’t brush my teeth. I hope it’s not Valentine’s Day again because that would suck. Maybe for Valentine’s Day, we could pretend we didn’t have a kid and then SLEEP. Man. That would be awesome. I miss sleep. Better check the calendar to see if I have to go to the grocery store for a stupid flipping card.

After kid #2:
What the heck. Again? Seriously? Every freaking year? The one day of the year where it throws it in your face how much you’re supposed to be glad you’ve got a “Valentine” to spend forever with and all I want is to be alone for the day. Heck. I’d even take 5 minutes of alone time so I can go to the bathroom by myself. Cards are stupid. Chocolate makes me fat. I bet he’ll want me to cook again. Why can’t we go out to a fancy restaurant so that I will have an excuse to be pretty again?? This day sucks.

{Image Source}

After kids have gotten a little older:
Oh- I think they’ll have fun cutting out these hearts out of construction paper and making their Valentine’s cards for daddy. I’m sure he’s going to treasure it forever. I hope they don’t see the commercials about chocolate for today. That’s all I need. For them to eat some chocolate and then not go to sleep. MAMA AND DADDY NEED SOME ALONE TIME, KIDS. Then mama and daddy can give each other their Valentines….ifyouknowwhatI’msayin’.  Man.  I miss Valentine’s Day.  I sure wish we could go out to a fancy restaurant soon.
Oh crap. I hope the grocery store hasn’t run out of cards yet.

{Image Source}
This year marks the 18th Valentine’s Day with my Valentine. I’d totally give him the “You’re Sweet” candy heart. Maybe I’ll crochet him one tonight…I’m sure he’ll treasure it forever.  

Thank you GeGe for letting us in on your Valentine's Day through the years.  To read more of GeGe's stories and to see her wonderful crochet projects, check out her blog - GeGe Crochet.

With Love,

Finding Ways to Say "I Love You" To Your Spouse on a Budget

{Image Source}

I have a married friend with three girls each practically a year apart.  She is also a SAHM and in my opinion has done a wonderful job of creating a home.  We don't see each other very often, maybe every two years or so, but when we do we just catch up on everything.  One thing she mentioned that I have not forgotten is this:  She said that married women need single women in their lives.  What?!  She began explaining how marriage is a ministry and the full-time responsibilities of raising a family and how we (as God's people) are charged to be helpers one of another.  She said that she (and I'm paraphrasing here because it's been a while since this conversation) needed her single friends, just like her single friends needed her but in different ways.  They each have something to offer each other.  It may sound like she was suggesting that it's great to have single friends who can watch your kids, but really she meant more than that.  As the years have passed I understand that even better.

I'm single.  Most of my friends and acquaintances are not.  Our lives are very different.  Most days the reality is that I cannot expect to see my friends very often because they have husbands and children to tend to.  I accept that.  But then I realized something.  I am surrounded often by younger married couples and I hear a lot.  I hear the struggle.  Most days I don't say anything because I don't think they think my (single) opinion matters, but recently I'm learning that I have a voice too, even if I don't have a husband.  The conversations that I hear a lot of is this:  how to spend time with my spouse when we are (1) practically broke or (2) have little children and can't seem to ever have time to ourselves.

So, this is what I want to share about that:  there are many ways to share your love with your spouse in meaningful ways...on a budget.  I contacted my dear bloggy friend, Charity from "The Word of a Nerd".  She has given me permission to use her thoughts on this topic as she is a new mother to twin boys born not too long ago.

How to Date Your Husband

Depending on your location (i.e. big city or teeny tiny town), these activities may vary.  

Charity's Tip #1:  Look for Deals via Living Social
  • Massages
  • Mani/Pedi's
  • Dinner Deals
  • Movie Deals
  • Painting/Cooking Classes
{Image Source}
Charity's Tip #2:  Enjoy Free (And Practically Free) Activities
  • Bike Rides
  • Having picnics on the beach or at the park. (We did a breakfast picnic at the beach before, it was a real challenge to have food ready that early but it was a real treat to watch the sunrise while eating breakfast.)
  • Movie Nights - netflix, popcorn, snack, and pizza (or whatever was for dinner)
  • DIY projects - I was never into DIY stuff but my husband loves it so I find projects for us to do together.
  • Local stuff like exhibits, plays etc that are free or cheap in the community.
  • Game Night - board games or video games.  
    {Image Source}
  • Ice cream Dates - we go and get icecream together or nerd it up at starbucks.
  • Volunteering - In Florida we volunteered at our local homeless shelter, and boys and girls club.
  • Chores - we cook, clean, and reorganize and decorate together. Its work but its fun.  
    {Image Source}
And I'm sure the rest of you, my married blogger friends, have even more to share to help young couples who are struggling to find their way (or older ones who may have forgotten theirs).  I hope that this list of fun activities helps someone.

I've never understood why some people feel that showing their love means emptying their pockets.  After reading 5 Love Languages (I read the Singles edition, but the languages are still the same), I realize that some people's love language is gifts, but there are other languages (or a combination of them) to consider.  And they don't have to cost you your entire paycheck and more.

Remember Valentine's Day is just one day, but true love lasts forever!

With Love,