Pretty and Functional: 5 Design Tips for Small Spaces {Guest Post}

Decorating a small space is usually perceived as a challenging and tedious task that doesn’t offer many options. It’s time to change that. Having limited alternatives will give you the opportunity to display your creativity and to come up with an unconventional and beautiful design. To avoid any decorating disasters you need to follow these simple tips for each of the following five areas.

The layout is the basis of your design. It is important to work with what you have, without trying to rip off a design right out of the pages of a magazine or from the internet.  Usually small spaces have a particular architecture.  Think about the function of the room. If you are designing a small kitchen you should make it user- friendly. Ensure enough floor space in order to move freely. When dealing with a living room, you need to make the space enjoyable and flexible .Arrange the space, while having in mind the domestic cleaning. Small rooms usually get cluttered quicker than the regular places. You need to make cleaning and organizing as easier as possible.

Painting your walls is the easiest way to visually enlarge a room. Neutral and pastel shades work best for small space. You can boldly use intense colours such as brown and green. The earthy tones will set a soothing atmosphere and will create depth.

Don’t be afraid to purchase big furniture. Many people think that buying smaller appliances will make the place more spacious. This is a common misconception. Pick large pieces that blend with the floor and the walls. It can be either transparent or similar shade.

Look for furniture that is multi – purpose and mobile. Expandable dining table is ideal for the times when you have guests, without taking up too much space all the time.  Clever storage solutions will help you get the most of the small space. Very often these come in interesting shapes and will give your design a unique touch. On the other hand, if you have furniture that you don’t need or use, get rid of it. The same goes for any item in your home. If it doesn’t serve any purpose, then it doesn’t have place in your home.


Minimalism works best when it comes to small spaces. Instead of buying decorations, incorporate items that you use on a daily basis. For instance, incorporate open shelving and display interesting objects. This works particularly well for kitchen. Organize the shelves by mixing and matching bowls and plates or displaying vintage tea set. If you want to visually expand the room, simply use the old – school trick with the mirror. Don’t place it directly against the wall. Let the mirror face an open space.

Storage Solutions
Organize the place, so it meets your needs. Think of areas that can serve as a storage space. Such places are under the bed, behind the doors, the vertical wall space and even ceiling. If you want to have you personal office at your home, you can set it up in closet. It will give you plenty of storage space  and flexibility.

For more helpful storage tips, visit this site.

This post was written and submitted by Ella Andrews, an avid blogger by hobby, and copywriter by profession.

So, how do you decorate your small spaces?

Happy Decorating,


  1. Great tips for those small rooms Libby! I love the examples in the photos.

  2. definitely when living in a small space, everything has to be functional. Great ideas

  3. Good ideas. We actually need less space than we think we do. I find that having constrains helps me be more creative with what I have and helps me focus on what's important.


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