Happy New Year! {2015}

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Hello all,

I trust that you're doing well and enjoying being a part of this brand spanking new Year!  Some family came to visit on New Year's Eve and my mom and I enjoyed having them.  While there, we ate yummy food of course, then we went to visit a bereaved family.  Our church donated groceries to them and so we went to spend a little time and of course deliver them.  Afterwards we visited another family and wrapped up the evening.  As for New Year's Eve, I spent it quietly at home watching back-to-back Christmas movies while dreaming up new organizational projects.  (Oh yes, before I settled in, I did slap a couple of extra coats of paint on my bathroom closet shelves.  Thankfully that project is coming to a real close.  The contractor is coming back next week to do his final touches like installing towel bar, making some minor adjustments I discovered, and hanging the door back.  Then I can show you!)

I never make New Year's resolutions, but one thing that has been on my mind since last summer is this desire to continue purging my home and do more things with intention.  Not buying randomly.  Not accepting random items from well-meaning people.  Not living in clutter and disarray.  Just doing things with intention.  And no, that's not my word for the year.  lol  It's just something on my mind right now.

My new semester of classes start on January 12th so I have no idea what this semester has in store for me, but in the midst of it all, I hope to be able to accomplish these small home goals.  Trust me, I enjoy going out from time to time, but I really enjoy being at home.  So I figure, if I'm going to be there, why not have it truly reflect who I am and of course be quite comfy and inviting for others.

A friend of mine and I went out to find her perfect planner and me some organization items for my refrigerator from the Dollar Tree, but it was really nice to have all the doors open to the rooms in my house when she came over.  Was it that every room was perfectly arranged?  No, but it wasn't a sight for sore eyes.  I've not had that feeling before, but it felt good.

So, here's to a start (or a continuation of a start) to something new for me.

I have enjoyed meeting you all through blogging and I look forward to continuing our online journey throughout the year.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New year to you too. Wishing you all the best in completing the plans you set.

  2. Happy New Year Libby! I with you a 2015 full of love, happiness and success! I laughed at your comment of "not accepting random items from well-meaning people". It reminds me of my parents who seem to always be de-cluttering and trying to get me to take stuff. Haha!

  3. Hello dearest Libby, and Happy New Year! May your year be full of God's sweet grace and His precious blessings.

    I am thankful to know you, dear friend. Hugs!

  4. You and your Mom are the sweetest to help others who are going through a rough time. : )

    Isn't it wonderful to realize that we can get rid of things and it's not the end of the world. And the house looks better also. I feel like I'm always on my crew about keeping unnecessary things.

  5. happy new year libby! your new years plan sound a bit like mine...declutter! and you're so right about taking things from others...it's so hard to tell them no :( but that is my plan. if i don't have a place for it, i'm not bringing it home (i'll let you know how that goes.(lol)
    wishing you the best for the new year~


  6. Happy New Year Libby! Haha, maybe we did jointly write that same paragraph at the same time! Maybe I spent far too much time on your blog and have absorbed some of your qualities or vice versa.

    The idea of having a welcoming home is so lovely. It's brilliant that you're at a point of contentment with it. More of that this year, hopefully! :D


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