DIY Tea Organizer


I love tea.  Lately I've been drinking a cup or two on most days, so my stash is definitely dwindling.  However, in my quest to organize my kitchen space, I looked for ways to reduce the amount of paper tea boxes for the bagged teas.  At the Container Store (online), I've seen a really nice tea organizer for around $13, but the nearest Container Store is about 2 hours away and I was also looking for something a little less expensive, so I decided to make my own organizer.


  • a container that would allow the tea bags to "stand up"
  • foam board
  • contact paper
  • paper cutting supplies
  • tea of course

  • Cut two strips of foam board the length of your container.
  • Cut smaller strips to act as partitions between those two foam strips.  
  • Tape into place.
Now if you want to "prettify" your box:
  • Cover the foam board with contact paper.
  • Tape pieces into place.

Now I could throw away those boxes and place this container in my kitchen cabinet.  I still have more loose teas than bagged teas, but the loose ones are stored in pretty metal tins.  :-)

So for all you tea drinkers, how do you store your tea?


  1. I don't need a tea organizer but this idea would be great for a sock drawer. Love how you wrapped the foam board in contact paper to make it pretty :)

  2. This is a great idea and it looks so cute! I have a Container Store 5 minutes from the house. However I have never been since I think I would go nuts in there! I love organizing but don't want to accumulate more stuff. We really could use a tea organizer. I bought one for my mom years ago and I love when I open it too all the tea bags!

  3. This is a very clever and inexpensive idea. I drink a lot tea, but store the bags in a canister.

  4. What a great idea for a cheap DIY orgaziner! I must confess I store my tea bags in their own containers so my cabinet is a bit messy. Need to learn more from you. ;-)

  5. Very cute. I've been organizing, too -- spices. I've been out of the blogging mood, so didn't take any before pictures, but maybe I'll post about my cool new spice drawers.


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