Thrifted Sweater Challenge

You already know I love thrift shopping, but this time I went for the purpose of shopping for sweaters for the fall/winter season.  HouseofAqua, issued a challenge on Youtube for participants to go to their local thrift stores and look for sweaters.  I decided to participate in that challenge.  Truth be told, I had just returned from a sweater thrift shopping trip and so the challenge came at the perfect time.

I purchased all my sweaters from Value Village.

Here is the video I linked to her challenge.

And here are the sweaters I purchased.  In total, I spent $39 and some change.  If I had to do it over, I would not have put back that Land's End trench coat for $13.  What was I thinking!

(Please accept my apologies in advance for these cell phone pics.)

Do you shop for sweaters at thrift shops?  If you decide to purchase any thrifted items and post about it, please let me know.  I'd love to see what you discover.

Happy Thursday,


  1. Great scores Libby! I used to love shopping at the Salvation Army store and have purchases plenty of sweaters second hand. It is amazing what you can find when you take the time. My favorite all time thrift find was old Abercrombie jeans that fit perfectly. They are all made with too low of a rise now for me but this old style was the best. I wore them out completely which was sad.

  2. I don't shop at thrift shops at all. We don't have them and when there's a flea market somewhere they sell used goods previously donated to some church that nobody else wanted. Nothing good in there, I'm afraid. Lucky you!

  3. Great finds! Also, I'm sensing that you like pink and purple. ;)

  4. You found a lot of nice sweaters to keep you warm this season. I was thinking about how much you like pink and purple too! :)))

  5. Wow nice colours! I never find pretty colours like that. Great finds!

  6. I buy everything second hand. Thrift stores, garage sale, clothing name it. Love the colors you got.

  7. Looks like a pretty good shopping spree for $39. I love going on looking for jeans to turn into capris for the summer. Especially nice when they are only $3 a pair. : )

  8. Nice finds. Let me guess. Pink and purple are your fave? Lol.


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