One Productive Saturday

There's no substitute for plain rest.  Period.  This week, I was able to get lots of rest.  I started feeling so much better and because of that I was also able to be more productive during the work week.  In fact, that good feeling spread into the weekend.  Saturday was such a beautiful day.  One of the main reasons why I enjoy this season so much is because of the beautiful foliage, and Saturday's view didn't disappoint me.

Although my contractor has been unable to return to my home to finish up the bathroom makeover for a little over a week now, due to illness, I had the rare opportunity to return there and work on some much needed projects!

First, I started by cleaning the kitchen:

Then, I spray painted and reupholstered the chair in my home office (speaking of which, my office is finally finished and now I can do an office reveal post!):

Then I finally started my first tile project.  Yes, I used the leftover mosaic tiles to tile the mirror I found at the Habitat Restore for $5.  This mirror is going into my bathroom.  I need to clean it up and then grout it (after I figure out how) and then it'll be good to go:

I haven't had a Saturday like this past Saturday in quite some time, and truth be told, it felt soooo good to get some projects done.  Now, I'm just dreaming of the rest of them.  :-)

Here's the video of the day in case you want to see some spray painting and tiling and such in action!

So what about you, how was your weekend?  Any projects brewing?


  1. I need to clean my fridge... keep putting it off so I can do fun stuff like furniture makeovers. LOL!

  2. Everything looks great Libby! I love the chair and mirror projects. You did a beautiful job! I hope your bathroom is ready soon. :)

  3. Doesn't it feel wonderful to get needed rest and then go tackle a few small projects that make you feel extra productive. Can't wait to see bathroom pics! : )

  4. How great to get stuff done! Good job on the tiling. We hung our Christmas wreaths and garland on the front porch and got a little Christmas shopping done. I've also been painting my son's bathroom. Such a tiny space -- what a pain to work in. Only one more coat needed on trim, so I really need to get in there and get it done.


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