Oh, Ramen

So what is it about these...

that make me crave this?

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It has been one long time since I've had a craving for Ramen noodles.  When I was in undergrad, it was the thing to eat (or not!)  Even when I first started teaching it was not uncommon for me to have a couple packages of Cup of Soup in my desk drawer for that occasional quick lunch.  Then one day I read the label and realized how bad this stuff was and my love affair with the Ramen Noodles was over.  Just like that!

But then, some almost 20 years later from when I first tasted these noodles, I found myself surrounded by book after book and then that craving got so bad that I soon was driving to the corner store to grab a couple.  No, I did not use that whole packet of seasoning.  Who needs that much sodium ever?!?  But I did quench the taste for the noodles...and I finished my assignment.  :-)

On Pintrest, I've seen some grown up dishes for how to dress up these noodles in a much healthy outfit.  When I can catch my breath, I may try it if it seems important to me at the time.  In the mean time, I'll keep this photo to remember the day I gave in to the Ramen Noodle.  :-)

Happy Tuesday,


  1. Oh ramen! I used to buy very hot Korean noodles from a Chinese food shop and have them at night after work on cold days. It's been four years since I had my last cup and I crave them a lot. Your pic isn't helping! Om nom nom...

  2. I lived on that and cup o'noodles while in AF tech school. It was so much easier than going to the cafeteria when I had all that studying to do. Haven't touched them in years though. : )

  3. In my mum's household, we called it Indomie noodles, because that's the most famous brand in Nigeria. We used to add in mixed vbegetables as well. So it reminds me of my childhood :) But that sauce/salt packet is definitely the worst! :o

  4. When my husband is home alone, he sautes a bag of frozen vegetables and throws them over ramen noodles, sometimes topped with Swiss cheese. That's one of his favorite meals!

  5. LOL! I think we all at a lot of Ramen noodles in our college days! I love the mushroom (only half the seasoning packet). I recently had a coleslaw salad made with the uncooked Ramen noodles. A fun way to add crunch to a salad type dish!

  6. oh ramen...i haven't had a bowl of these yummy noodles in ages! i love them topped with spring onions & have a yummy salad topping that uses them. so quick, cheap & easy! wishing you a happy week~

  7. My husband was stationed in Korea and always talks about how Ramen noodles were readily available like fast food in the states. He said they came with all kinds of toppings though and were quite filling.


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