My 38.

On September 25th, I celebrated my 38th birthday.  I'm so thankful for friends and family, both near and far, who helped make the day extra special.

I received some extra cards this year:

...and a watch from my aunt.  Thank you!  (Truth be told, I haven't worn a watch in forever, but I will now.)

...and a surprise package from Idaho.  Hugs and kisses goes to my surrogate family in Idaho.  You know who you are.  :-)

There was another of the Idaho candy bars, but I couldn't resist trying it before I took this picture.  nom nom nom

Here's a brief video I made on my special day:

As our schedules haven't allowed it yet, my mom and I have not had my birthday lunch or dinner.  I'm holding out to go to the Mennonite restaurant that I first saw online and then heard about later.  I want to be able to savor the moment.  :-)

Happy Monday,


  1. Belated happy birthday :) You got a good deal of surprises Hope you had fun..

  2. Happy birthday Libby! I love that watch. I think watches are just worn for fashion reasons today. :) Great surprise package from Idaho. The dessert dishes are adorable. Have fun with your mom when you get together!

  3. I showed the girls and Mister G the video and they were tickled to see that you liked your treats. Miss B was doing her piggly wiggly dance and saying "she showed my present first!". Can we say Stinker! That girl. : ) So glad you had a wonderful day!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday, Libby. Hope you enjoy a birthday meal soon with your mother!

  5. Happy Birthday, Libby! Looks like your got a lot of nice things. So sweet to receive gifts on your birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday, Libby! And you're 38!? I honestly thought you were maybe 30 :) You are a wonderful person, dear friend, and I am honored to know you! Love and hugs to you!


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