Bathroom Renovation Project: Phase I (Gutting It Out)

So, Phase I of my bathroom renovation project is complete.  The tiles and all the yucky cement has been removed.  Because I had so much tile, basically the bathroom was gutted out.

I enjoy stopping by my home after work each day just to see what differences have transpired while I was away.  So far I am super pleased.  The project is a slow-go and I don't have a projected end date, but I'm not in a rush.  When people are working for you and their work is steady and they pay close attention to what they're doing, oftentimes that means that you will love the final product that much more.  I'm not worried about whether something got missed because of being too hasty.

Check out the video below to see the gutting out phase of this project.

Happy Monday!


  1. And they're off! Bet you can't wait to see the finished product!!!


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