Bathroom Renovation Project: The Background Story

Hello my lovely readers!

If you recall, I mentioned that I was embarking upon a bathroom makeover.  Well, it's been going on for a little less than 7 working days, although those days have stretched over a couple of weeks.  Interruptions have been due to weather, family emergencies, and weekends, but we're trudging along.

I wanted to present a bit of a background story, so you'll know why I chose to renovate my bathroom - my only bathroom.

I feel that I will love my space when it's done, but let me put this on record by saying this - renovating your only bathroom takes careful planning.  I'm a family of one so I cannot imagine what would happen if I were not.  Thankfully my mom has graciously opened her doors.  I think I'll be curled up in my brother's old twin bed for quite a while though, but it's worth it to be able to bathe and use the toilet on a regular basis.  I'm just saying.  :-)

Before Pictures:
 Towels to catch the water that runs behind the tub (and yes, there is a hoop shower rod behind the standard one)
Cracked bowl on the pedestal sink
  4' walls of tiles (some tiles are original and some are newer - mixmatched)
There is a small closet in the bathroom.


  1. Cant wait to see all of your changes!! I love pedestal sinks. I hate that yours is cracked. Good luck with it all and I look forward to the debut!

  2. Sooo.....I probably should put this in an email but, 1) it's past midnight my time and I should be sleeping but instead watched your entire video in bed because My Mister is sleeping with his ear plugs in tonight and 2), that about covers it. ;)

    It's been ages since I've visited *any* blogs and yours is my first stop and I find that I have a lot of back reading to do! I started reading your post and, since home-repair is something I'm familiar with, I was interested in seeing your pictures....only to find there was a video instead and I was super excited to actually see and hear you "for reals!" I can't wait to see where your journey takes you! However, I must admit feeling just a bit gypped...after hearing that buildup about how nasty your tub is, I wanted to see it in all its glory! (or, is it "in all its gory?")

    Dude. SHOW IT! ;)

    I must admit that I actually teared up hearing your story- God is awesome and works in miraculous ways and I'm so happy for you that He sent the right person at the right time at the right price for you. I can't wait to see how He blesses your socks off! xoxo

  3. Good luck, Libby! I'm excited for you to finally get to redo your bathroom. My husband has been so happy ever since we redid his tiny little bathroom. He got to make it the way he wanted it and is so pleased.

    I enjoyed your video. You are so natural on camera and you often made me smile while I watched. It's true, my first thought when seeing the pictures was that it doesn't look bad, but once you showed the line where the two tiles meet, I could see it. Can't wait to see what happens to your bathroom.


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