Friday's Feature: Tabitha Boone

Meet Tabitha Boone.

AE:  Who are you and what is it that you do/make?    
TB:  Tabitha Boone aka Taboo: Business name Sotaboo meaning "so unique and different".

AE:  How did you get started/What is the motivation behind your work?  
TBI love expressing myself through fashion!! I enjoy making unique handbags and accessories.  I started out making trendy clutches to add a personal chic look to complement my attire since 2011. Then my family and friends encouraged me to make bags for them and I decided to share my gift with others. The expression of love for my work motivates me to continue designing and sewing. 

AE:  Where can we find your work? 
TBOn-line, Facebook, and Instagram 

AE:  What is your website/contact information? 
TB: and

I was recently able to see Tabitha's creations first-hand.  I am delighted to share her talent with the AEE community.  Please stop by her shop and check out her wonderful creations.   

Peace & Love,


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