Farm Fresh Ventures Box #9

Sorry for posting this late, but I've been adjusting to being back at work, pulling my house back together, and everything else.  Nonetheless, here is last week's produce box.

A bunch of kale, sweet corn, honeydew melon, basil, peaches, and tomatoes. 


  1. Look at all your goodies. I bet your kitchen will smell delicious this week from all the goodness you'll be cooking.

  2. O wow, this looks so good! Mm. I cam almost smell those peaches -- I'll bet you could make an amazing dessert with them :)

  3. That's a lot of food! The tomatoes look especially good. My daughter would be all over those squash -- one of her favorites.

  4. That's one yummy looking box of goodies!

  5. kale chips have become one of my favorites


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