Farm Fresh Ventures Box #8

The boxes keep coming, and coming, and coming.  We can barely keep up.  LOL  This past weekend we went to another family reunion and also had the chance to spend a few days with grandma.  Thankfully, my mom loves cooking (although if you ask her she'll probably say she doesn't).  My mom cooked a meal or two while we were there and left some meals prepared for grandma after we left.  With having the produce box, it gauges what is prepared each week.  I think my mom did a fantastic job of trying to combine as many of the ingredients as possible.

First, here are the contents of the Week 8 Box:

Cabbage, tomatoes, jalapenos, zucchini, yellow squash, peaches, red "new" potatoes, and sweet corn.

Mom says you can tell that the season is nearing the end because the produce is getting bigger.  The peaches were huge and look at that squash!  Normally we pick our squash while small. 

So for grandma's special meal, mom prepared beef short ribs cooked with the red potatoes and gravy, sauteed yellow and green squash with onions and sweet red peppers, steamed broccoli, fried chicken, all served with fresh tomato slices.  And for dessert, mom gave grandma a low-calorie pre-birthday cake of strawberry shortcake using the angel food cake cups.  Before we left, mom cut of fresh strawberries and put sugar on them so that they would make their own juice.  She topped the cake with fat free whipped cream.  Grandma's 82nd birthday will be in a couple of days but we won't be able to spend it with her this year, so we celebrated early.  :-)

As for the jalapenos...the last batch I made some vinegars, now what to do with this one?

p.s.  Summer is over.  Even though school officially starts for me on the 18th, duty calls so I start back today.  It's been a short one, but I've enjoyed it.


  1. What a wonderful trip to have spent with your Mom and Grandma. Looks like some good eating was happening. Kind of a bummer you had to go back to school already.


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