Farm Fresh Ventures Box #7

Whenever we eat something at a restaurant that's really delicious, especially if it's a type of soup, my mom will try to pick the recipe apart and search multiple recipes so that she can recreate it at home.  Such was the case with the roasted corn chowder we had on her birthday.  So, mom roasted these 4 ears of corn in the oven, still in their husks, then she cut them off the cob and made her first version of the roasted corn chowder.  Since we got red potatoes this week, she used those in the chowder instead of white potatoes.

Mom doesn't like okra so much, so I'll gladly take that small bag and cook it up.  I also took the peaches again to freeze.  As for the cantaloupe, we're just eating it.  Um, um good.  And the eggplant.  I thought about making an eggplant casserole, but instead I plan on trying Daniela's roasted eggplant recipe this time.  The last time I roasted it in a ratatouille and on skewers.

Do you have any favorite ways to cook eggplant?


  1. Hi Libby,
    Your produce looks so good. I love eggplant but I never like it when I cook it. Love it sauteed. Sadly, my eggplant seedlings never made it past the transplant stage. But my pepper and tomato plants are coming along. They developed into green lush plants with very few blooms so I took your advice and used Epsom Salt and within days they were blooming all over. Thanks for the tip. Please stop by and have a peak for yourself when you get a chance. Thanks again!

  2. Eggplant is one of my favourite veggies! I like to stuff the two halves with tomato sauce and tuna, top them with cheese and cook them in the oven. Other recipe that I usually cook is cous-cous with spicy eggplant and raisins. Yum!

    Do you freeze peaches? What for? I think if I talk about freezing peaches here I'd be shunned. lol

  3. Everything looks delicious! It is fun trying to recreate a dish at home from a restaurant! We love eggplant parmesan, although it is a lot of work. I make a gluten free bread from scratch with the bread machine. Then Jim will dry it, spice it and cook it into breadcrumbs. It creates the most amazing breading. Otherwise I don't care for eggplant too much. It doesn't have a lot of flavor.

  4. Everything looks so fresh. I made a trip to the Farmer's Market this week and purchased a bunch of produce too. The peaches were on sale so I bought extras to freeze as well for smoothies and such. Hope you enjoy your eggplant. My mom used to make Eggplant Parmesan when we were kids and it was delicious.

  5. Seeing all of that fresh produce has my mouth watering, Libby! Everything looks so good! I don't have any favorite ways of cooking eggplant since I don't usually buy it. Every time I eat it though I think I should buy it more often - it's quite tasty!

    Enjoy your goodies, sweet friend. Hugs!

  6. yes, totally try my eggplant recipe. I am planning on a fall garden this year...and kale is on the list

  7. I've never been a big eggplant eater, but have made ratatouille before. I bought some local corn this morning. Looking forward to that.

  8. You've got some delicious looking goodies that I've never thought to add to my menu. Maybe I should! Some of those things you mentioned sound like they might tickle my fancy (aka the corn chowder and eggplant casserole)! I've never had eggplant before so that might be one that I need to try before buying!

  9. yum! i love a good corn chowder :) let me know how you like the eggplant dish~ we're growing it this year but the only thing i've ever done with it is eggplant parmesan. it's delish but i would like to try something new~
    happy weekending!


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