Time for Teavana

Remember when I hosted that tea and yarn swap many, many moons ago?  My swap partner, , sent me two amazing selections of tea from Teavana.  Before then, I had never heard of the place. 

As fate (although I don't really believe in fate) should have it, my power cord on my Macbook died and I had to drive alllll the way to an Apple store for a replacement.  Fortunately, a Teavana store was in the same shopping center and my friend who accompanied me on this journey had been longing to try Oprah's Chai Tea that is sold by Teavana (it was actually quite good but much better cold than hot).

As this was my second in-person Teavana visit, I let her bask in the goodness of Teavana while I snapped photos for you to see.  Then of course I purchased a cup of tea to go.  I had been longing to try the Jasmine Silver Needle white tea.  Due to the fact that my gums are healing from the tooth extraction, I have been banned from hot drinks so I had to get mine iced.  I think this tea would have been perfect as a hot tea though.  But I digress....

Welcome to Teavana -

Have you ever been to Teavana?  What's your favorite tea from there?  Not been to Teavana?  What's your favorite tea, period?


  1. I would be in there for hours! Looks like a great shop to frequent. :)

  2. I have no idea what teavana is. Well, now I know. I don't think we have them around here

  3. Isn't it a fun store? I don't even like tea and I enjoy going there. My daughter has one of their cast iron tea pot and cups sets and just loves it.

  4. There is a Teavana about 5 minutes from me but I have never been in one since it looks expensive! LOL The teas look amazing. My favorite for a while has been licorice spice. Mmmm!


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