Office Makeover Update - Love at First Sight

Ok, let me back up and tell the story correctly....

By Sunday evening, I had cleaned out the room enough to get started on the fun part.

I was looking forward to Monday because Monday was the day I mailed off the final wedding disk from a wedding I photographed in June and I knew that after doing that I could start painting my office, guilt-free!

Although I was excited, I decided to take my time.  On Sunday evening, I started removing the wallpaper from the one wall.  I just wanted to see how easy or difficult the removal would be.  Thank goodness I had only decided to wallpaper an accent wall.

On Monday I continued removing the wallpaper.  I was almost done when I ran out of the wallpaper removal spray.  (One thing about me is this, I do not like stopping projects midway because of a lack of supplies.  When you do not live in the city limits, you try to have all you need because it will be an hour just getting to town, running in a store, and getting back home.  Seriously.)

But while removing the wallpaper, I noticed just how bad the trim work was.  (My dad was right.  Once you start painting, it's like an epidemic.)  So, I went back to Lowe's right then.  And got a few more things.

See?  My project idea book came in handy because I used the same paint chip used in my craft room makeover.
I finished removing the wallpaper.  Then I washed down the walls and the baseboards with Murphy Soap.  I taped the floor in particular so I wouldn't get paint on the tile.  As for the rest, I just eyeballed it because I knew I would tape off for the walls.  Let me tell you, Wooster makes the best brush ever!  It is worth the investment.

At the end of Monday, I was a sore lady, but it was so worth it!

On Tuesday I painted and painted and painted some more.  That was just the first coat.  It seems that even though these great paints have embedded a primer in the paint and say you may only need one coat, I have not found that to be the case.  I still need two.  So I let the first coat dry and finished up with round two that night.  I know I have to touch up here and there on the trim, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the paint.

See why I needed a second coat?
This is after a second coat.

When I get the furniture and organizational items in place I can do something with the items on this couch.
I'm so loving this color.

In my video I mentioned choosing the "Blue Lagoon" color, but after painting a swatch on the walls of each color, I decided to go with the brighter color, this one - "Trade Secret".  It's from the Allen+Roth line, but I used Valspar's Signature Paint.

Still more to go, but I'm hopeful this project will come together nicely.  :-)

What about you?  Are you working on any summer makeover projects?

Stay tuned,


  1. Wow . You have such a big space to decorate and set up :) The blue color does look good. Any contrast wall hanging will add extra bling!

  2. Love the color you picked for the office. :) It's going to look so nice when you are finished.

  3. The color is beautiful!!! I can't imagine removing difficult wallpaper from an entire wall. In one of my old places, I removed a border that went up the stairs. It was torturous so I can sympathize!

  4. Your office looks much brighter and cheerful after removing the brown wallpaper and painting all four walls in blue. Although I'm a brown fan, it doesn't do any good in greater amounts. Floor and furniture is more than enough!
    I can't wait to see your next step on revamping this room. Knowing the terrific job you did with your craft room I'm sure this one will turn out great as well. :-)

  5. That's turning out great! Such a bold colour - great choice for an office.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Great color. I'm like you, I always need a second coat. I've been painting too -- my front porch. I looked pretty crazy yesterday, I'm sure, standing on the pillars and hanging on the columns to lean out to reach across the soffit and under the gutter. Today, I'm pooped! But still working. Fresh coat of paint on the screen door today.

  7. I like the Trade Secret blue you chose. It pops nicely with the crisp white trim!


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