My New Do

By now you've probably figured out that when I have a new do, I usually opt for the afro puffy twists that I love.  This time, I opted for a sleeker braids using Kanekelon hair.

I initially planned on installing these braids myself, not that I had ever done it before, but I had dared to install my own afro puffy twists, so I'd try this too.  After watching Youtube video after Youtube video, I stopped at the hair store and purchased the materials I would need.  After installing 3 braids, I was tired, the braids didn't look all that good, and my left hand was starting to act up.  I figured it was okay to admit that I don't have this gift, the gift of braiding hair, so I made an appointment with a braider and got it done.

I was very pleased with her work.  Very pleased.  And if you've ever had your hair braided, you know that some braiders braid way too tight causing headaches and sometimes hair loss.  This is why I'm very particular whose hands I place my head in. 

I'm so grateful for the recommendation from my co-worker.  I think this braider has a new customer.  :-)

Happy Thursday,


  1. You hair came out fabulous Libby! I can't imagine trying to do this yourself. At least you tried, right? Some services are worth paying for. :)

  2. Such a great look on you Libby!

  3. Well worth letting someone else do all that tiring work. It looks fabulous!


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