How We Spent Our 4th

I trust you all had a wonderful 4th, whether you actually celebrated it a certain or just were happy to be in the land of the living (as they say)!

Initially our plans (Plan A) were to attend a fish fry in VA, but due to the impending Hurricane Arthur, those plans were cancelled a couple of days prior.

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We moved on to Plan B.  We were going to go visit my grandma.  However, due to that same hurricane, my grandma mentioned how they were gathering supplies because of the projected flood.  And trust me, the area of the state where my grandma lives tends to flood badly.  Some years ago a neighboring community was wiped out.  So, we decided against traveling there.

Plan C.  My aunt and cousin were going to come and visit us instead.  But then on the 4th, we heard that my grandma's knee was giving out and that she had gotten a cane (for the first time).  We were all concerned, so that led us to Plan D, which was back to Plan B.  Later we found out that the area got lots of rain on Thursday before the 4th but no more.  Amazing how that happens right?

My mom and I quickly packed and headed to the eastern part of the state.  No, we didn't have all this grilled food, but we spent time with family nonetheless.  Mom and I spent the night and took time to start cleaning the house, trying to reach places that are difficult for a person in their 80s. 

Due to the heat, the laundry I put on the line dried before I could even eat lunch.
My mom even brought a new bedspread set she purchased to restyle one of the bedrooms - the purple room.  (At my grandma's we have always called the 2 spare bedrooms by their wall color.  Even when the walls finally got painted another color, we all still call them the "blue room" or the "purple room".)  So, grandma was happy to get the special attention.

We were able to get the best barbeque from a local business that only opens two days a week.  I know there's a great debate about what type of barbeque is the best, but here we enjoy the chopped barbeque made with a vinegar base, not the type you see that's kind of wet with sauce.  Where grandma lives, it's the best, so we always get some when we visit.  It's served with cole slaw and either corn sticks or hush puppies.

We gave grandma the cantaloupe from our produce box and it had started to get very ripe and so it was really juicy.  She always cuts her cantaloupes into chunks and places the pieces in a container that she keeps in the refrigerator.  All the juice that ran into the pan, she drank down.  Nothing going to waste around here!

All in all we had a great time.  It was a short, packed trip, but it always great to be able to see my grandma.

How did you spend your holiday?

p.s.  After all of that, we found out the hurricane that was going towards the part of VA we were traveling was not bad in that area and they only got some rain.  So we could have had our fish fry.  We were all still glad to be able to do what we did when we did it.  The fish can wait.  :-)

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  1. Glad it all turned out for the best. I don't think I have ever had the bbq you talked about, but sounds yummy!

  2. Your 4th turned out great in the end. Fish fry vs Spending time with Grandma? Yes, fish can wait. ;-)
    It's funny how rooms get a name and people still use it over the years. It was like that at my grandma's too.

  3. I think spending time with Grandma was better than the fish fry. That can happen another day. It sounds like the BBQ was pretty good anyways. :)


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