Getting Ahead of the Big Day: Bridal Session


Last month I was able to work with a bride and her family the week before her wedding.  Many times at weddings, the guests are waiting for a long time while formal pictures are taken.  Some couples opt to appease their guests by scheduling some of their portraits ahead of time.  Such was the case here.

As our venue, we chose the gardens outside of a historic home in town.  Such a beautiful view for a beautiful young lady.

The bride took her bridal session photos and her immediate family came along, all dressed in their wedding attire so that they would be able to take time to capture this family moment before the wedding day.  The other advantage is that they were able to choose a location that had the scenery they wanted in their photos.

It was a pleasure working with this family and I look forward to more opportunities with other brides in the future.

Interested in seeing the big day?  Stay tuned for Thursday's post.


  1. I just submitted a comment it never appeared :@. This technology sometimes bugs.Nice pics. You can easily post on tips of clicking good pics. I only know about ISO and focus LOL

  2. Oh Libby, what amazing photos! The bride is incredibly beautiful and her dress is stunning! LOVE the pictures, my friend :)

  3. Absolutely sweet, beautiful pictures. Such a wonderful idea to do these pictures before the ceremony.

  4. Beautiful job Libby! How smart of the bride to set up photos before the wedding. Her guests will appreciated that. :) I love the bride's dress. It looks vintage.

  5. These are gorgeous Libby >> Top notch! #4 is my favorite, but then it was hard for me to pick just one favorite. Incredible images.

  6. You are so talented, my friend! The bride is gorgeous. You take some amazing photos of her and her family!


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