Farm Fresh Ventures Box #5

I tell you, I do believe each produce box gets better and better.  Packed full of delicious goodness.  And this box arrived on my Mom's birthday.  So win-win.  Check it out below.

Sweet Corn, Purple Hull Peas, Field Tomatoes, Slicing Cucumbers, Peaches, Green Beans and Squash

This time the corn was white corn.  My mom cut it off the cob.  Then she made a small batch of fried corn.  She used this recipe, minus the slabs of bacon.  And of course she cooked it in a cast iron skillet.  The rest of the corn she stewed.  Either way, absolutely delicious.  As is customary in the South, you have to serve either style corn with slices of fresh tomato on the side.

There was still some kale left over from last week so my mom also cooked a really wonderful lentil soup.  Then she threw in that fresh curly kale at the end and it just made it so much better.  That was our lunch one day.  And then mom gifted soup to friends and family.

As you can tell, I'm not doing much of any cooking.  Maybe something here or there, but mom is doing the bulk of it.  What is wrong with me?  LOL  But I think I'll make a peach dish for mom's birthday (well, it will be a late dish, but these peaches were so much bigger than the ones in previous boxes.  Such a shame to freeze them, so I'll make something special).


  1. I do believe this is the best box so far. Fried corn, fresh tomatoes. You talking to my stomach! I just made a huge dinner the other night with Fried Catfish, Fried Yellow Squash, Green beans. So good! I would have made up a reason to stop over at your Mom's for dinner. :)


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