Elizabeth + Tom: Wedded Bliss


Last month I was able to capture the nuptials of Elizabeth and Tom.  The wedding ceremony was an expression of love from close friends and family.  As at 10:00 a.m. ceremony, the bride chose to have a luncheon tea afterwards.  Ladies were encouraged to wear hats.  It was beautiful.


At the reception, the tea, there were all types of sandwiches and condiments, chocolate dipped cookies, hand-dipped chocolate strawberries, pasta salads galore, and since it was a tea, "Governor's Mansion Tea" - all prepared by the bride and her close family and friends.

As a photographer, my goal is always to tell a story with my photographs and my eye is always drawn to the details.  Since the bride chose to utilize items that were very dear to her, like antique brooches, fresh cut hydrangeas, lace, it was easy to do.

The bride made the cake accents herself!  Her best friend made the cake.
Sparkling cider

I am thankful that this couple allowed me the opportunity to capture their special day.

Elizabeth and Tom, I wish you all the best as you unite as one from this day forward.


  1. Beautiful job Libby! They look fabulous. The food looks quote scrumptious!!! I love the idea of tea for a wedding. :) The cake is so sweet. The bride must be very creative herself making the accents.

  2. your pictures are fantastic! congratulations to the couple.

  3. Beautiful photos! I love the bride's dress. Looks like it was a sweet celebration.

  4. Beautiful photos! I love the bride's dress, too. Look like it was a sweet celebration.

  5. How cute are they! And the dress is so pretty. The bride is very talented to have made all the cake accents. I would have had a hard time cutting into it.

  6. She is one of the cutest and prettiest brides I have seen - I think I said "Awww..." every time I saw a picture. You captured the moments beautifully, Libby! And the wedding cake is absolutely gorgeous!

    Happy weekend, my friend!

  7. Such a sweet couple and you really captured the details wonderfully!

  8. Beautiful photos and a beautiful ceremony :)


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