Birthday Celebration: Mom's Day Out

My mom celebrated her birthday on July 15th.  We were unable to celebrate on that day, but we rescheduled our day on this past Friday.  And boy, we had such a great time!

We started by having lunch at Midland Bistro.  I decided that we should visit a locally owned business (in a neighboring city) that we had never visited.  Such a great choice.

Mom got a slice of Hawaiian quiche, a side salad, and a cup of roasted corn chowder.

I opted for the half and half combo:  half of a Carolina Reuben and a cup of the roasted corn chowder.  The Carolina Reuben is a panini style sandwich consisting of smoked turkey breast, Swiss cheese, green tomato chutney, 1000 Island dressing, served on honey berry wheat.  And guess what?  The bread is freshly baked from a local bakery.

It was sooo sooo good! 

After we ate, we visited the art gallery next door and admired the artwork.  Then we bought three cards with prints from local artists.  That was more affordable than the larger paintings.

{Image Source}
Afterwards we went to a coalition which is a cluster of 4 consignment shops housed in a one-room school house and church and other buildings.  We found a couple of really great things.  Mom also saw a bowl she liked, but she didn't pick it and then a lady behind her did.  They joked about the bowl right up to the cashier.  Then the lady bought it and gave it to mom.  How nice!

After staying there a bit, mom and I went to a local cupcakery called CCups.  I love that shop because the owner is a breast cancer survivor and the proceeds go to breast cancer awareness.  They also take up donations for underinsured breast cancer patients.  All the cupcakes there are baked daily and you never know what flavors they will have.  I purchased three for us:  key lime, chocolate, and red velvet.  Mom picked the key lime and chocolate (the chocolate surprised me, that's something I normally would pick).  I think mom was also impressed at the cupcakes because they reminded her of her beloved tv show, Cupcake Wars.

Then we went shopping and mom surprised me with some clothes for school!  I thought the coupon she was saving was for her.  Love that woman.  :-)

Happy Birthday, Mom.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day out! I like your choice for luch. Hmm...

  2. Happy belated birthday to your mom! The food looks delicious and the cupcakes to die for! Sadly, I think the cupcake fad is dying a little. There was a local cupcake place with multiple locations on the Boston area that recently closed all its doors. :( It is so fun to find places like art studios.

  3. I'm not sure I could have controlled myself with just three cupcakes. They look so yummy! And lunch looks pretty good also. How absolutely nice was that lady to buy that bowl for your Mom?! Beyond nice. :)


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