Farm Fresh Ventures Box #1

I tried to have a summer garden.  Twice.  I started seeds at school, and they flourished.  But those I gave to the kids to take home.  Feeling good about that seedling success, I decided to try my hand at starting from seed for my own garden.  This time I used peat pellets.  I did get seedlings, but not at the magnitude that I felt like they should have been growing.  Their growth seemed stunted.  I placed them in my mini greenhouse where they picked up and then died...all but two plants.  Determined not to be defeated, I started completely over outdoors in the greenhouse.  This time I used a seed starting mix instead of the pellets.  This time nothing happened.  Nothing.  And then that day came where all these storms hit my area and I forgot to push the bench against my mini greenhouse.  On that great day, my greenhouse toppled over, and all my seed trays spilled out on my deck.  That was the day I decided that I would not be gardening this summer.  That was the day I decided to join a coop.

So I convinced my mom to split my subscription to Farm Fresh Ventures, a local coop.  Each week they deliver a box of produce from the local farms.  On Fridays they tell you what will be in your Tuesday box.  I'll be sharing with you on Mondays what was in the previous week's box so that I can share some recipes using those items.

I may still grow my own herb garden from plants, but if you saw my Saturday post, it's been hectic lately so those kind of things were put on the back burner.

I managed to have one basil plant and two beefsteak tomato plants.  The sun has gotten to the tomato plants, but they are still alive.  I need to separate them and hope for the best.  :-)

Box #1.
When I go to pick up Box #2, I return Box #1.
Each box comes packed with a newsletter featuring recipes for the items in the box as well as local farm information.

Rainbow Swiss Chard
Sweet corn, patty pan squash, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, blackberries
Stay tuned for some recipes featuring these items. 

Here's hoping to a healthier fresh start with fresh summer produce!


  1. That looks like a wonderful box of produce. I like the way these programs give you what is fresh and available, and it might be things you would not have necessarily chosen yourself. That is a great way to add variety to your diet and maybe try new things. I love patty pan squash. We used to get those (as opposed to crookneck) when our daughter was little. The farmer we first bought them from called them Peter Pan squash, which made my daughter very excited to try them!

  2. I think I would have gone to the veggie delivery also. We had a mishap with our greenhouse right after we bought it and the wind blew it over. It's been tied off and anchored to the house ever since. :)

  3. I miss my CSA...sigh... Everything looks so 'good-for-you-delicious'. Hopefully our garden will yield some for us...right now it's hard to tell plant from weeds :) Next year definitely doing the CSA.


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