Creating Detachable Fabric Panels {Tutorial}

One Saturday my mom and I were driving downtown and I noticed two pieces of furniture at a yard sale.  On the way back home, the furniture was still there, like it was waiting for me.  The owners let me go home, measure my space and held the items until I called to confirm.  Then (get this), they brought it to my house and helped me unload it!  I tell you.  These are some of the perks of small city living.

Both pieces were meant for a kitchen, but the original owners created an entertainment unit for their teenage daughter.  That gave me an idea.  For the big hutch piece, I put it in my laundry room to use for storage.  For the cabinet piece, I decided to use it as a tv stand. 

I cut a small hole in the back of the top shelf to allow the cords from the dvd player and cable box to go to the back.

For now I have some of my oils on the shelves.  Definitely something I don't want to see on a regular.  I knew that I wanted to make some fabric panels to be seen through the glass.  I knew I wanted an ethnic print.

Thankfully, Art of Cloth announced the sale of remnant pieces and I was able to get this wax print for $7.  I even have a piece left that I will find a way to use in another project.

Ok, now on to the steps involved:

Materials:  fabric, scissors, heat bond, velcro
Iron fabric
Cut into two panels, wider than the measure of the glass.  Mine was the size of the door.
2 panels
Apply heat bond
Iron to adhere strips
Do the same for the top and bottom, but make sure the panels are the length you need before doing so.

Apply velcro strips to right side of fabric.  If you're lucky to have them on hand, the adhesive ones are great for this project. (TIP:  Don't sew on an adhesive one.  Get the ones made for sewing if you opt to sew.)
Attach panels to inside of glass.
A closer look.
I just really love this fabric!
Before & After
The good part is that the remotes still work well even through the fabric.  The bad part is now I need to purchase a clock for this space because I can't see the time on the cable box.  I'm fine with that though!

Hope you enjoyed this mini makeover project!

Happy Crafting, 


  1. Very creative idea :) I love that print. Adds so much to the living room .

  2. What a great find! Lucky you for the find, and the kind sellers. I love the fabric on the panel like that...great way to hide the contents!

  3. I like it. It hides the clutter in a beautiful way.

  4. Adorable! I love the finished look, really fabulous!

  5. Fun fabric choice. Looks good. We made fabric panels once to hide a radiator but still let heat out. Fabric can do so many things!

  6. really like this makeover. That fabric is gorgeous. Great job.

  7. The fabric has a fun, bold print on it! Great choice!

  8. that is a great idea and a super fun fabric!!!

  9. The fabric is beautiful. So bright and cheerful.


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