My Latest Vending Experience and My Epiphany (of sorts)

If you recall, I mentioned not too long ago that I was preparing to teach a beginner's crochet workshop and to vend outside of a community concert.  That event was a couple of Saturdays ago.

Here is my vending booth area.

Remember this purchase from the thrift store?
I framed one of my cards.  Easy way to have art.  :-)

This time I wanted to focus on natural handmade products and wanting to begin creating a vending area that reflected that, along with my current interests.  This time for my table decor I used thrifted items and burlap.  I wanted something a little simple as well.  Is it perfect?  Of course not.  But I also have this thing about not investing so much in your table space, but rather, making one or two updates at each vending occasion.

The quick rundown of what happened.
No one showed up for my workshop.  I was okay with that at first, but then as the day went on, I started questioning every.single.thing related to my crafts of choice, my ability to be successful at vending, and whether or not my items were worthy of being purchased.  Yeah,  I was going into the hole fast.  Then I sucked it up, put on my game face, and went in to vend for the rest of the evening.  At the end of the evening, I sold one container of lip balm.  Yep, one.  So I felt myself spiraling down within myself.  Even though no one at the event may have noticed, behind the smile, I was feeling pretty pitiful.

In case you want to check out a video version of some of this.

My Epiphany (of sorts).
My accountant has already given me the heads up that if this "business" doesn't turn around this year, that I need to consider calling it quits.  Try something else.  *sigh*  Secretly, although I don't like admitting defeat, I think he may be right.  I'm not sure exactly what I will do, but what I am doing will not work.  I cannot say that I won't vend again, but I will take a sabbatical.  I definitely am not saying I won't craft again either, because that's not realistic.  It may just be that I end up where I started off...with bins and bins full of my creations with no home to go to other than my own.  If that makes me feel better than I do now, then I'll accept that.  I'm making no promises, but just letting you know what's going on.  #tonopressure

Happy Crafting,


  1. That's too bad your vending isn't working out. Your lip balm would make a really nice gift though! You are very crafty and talented so I'm sure you will figure something else out. Sometimes you have to fail to find something else better :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear you business is not working out Libby. Maybe some time off will help you recreate a new business that will work for you. You are very talented so don't give up!

  3. I feel your pain Libby. It's hard to see something not go as you hoped and planned so much for. Just keep trying to tweak things and don't give up. :)

  4. Aw! Time off definitely helps to give some perspective (we both hope!). I'm definitely wishing you more success in the future, no matter what endeavour you decide to turn your hand to :)

  5. Hi Libby,
    So sorry your vending didn't go as you had planned. I had the exact same experience and truly understand your frustration and disappointment. But don't give up. Your creativity needs an outlet and maybe you need a little more time to find your sweet spot. For now, why not create for fun.

  6. awwww im sorry to hear your plan didn't work as you had hoped.... your booth was cute as can be & i love that you used your thrifted finds. you being as creative as you are, i bet you'll figure out a way to make this work!
    hang in there libby!!!!!


  7. I'm sorry, Libby. The art show/vending/crafting world is a tough one. I used to try to sell my photos -- back in the pre-digital days! -- at art shows. I never even made my booth fees. I don't think lack of sales means anything about your ability or ideas. I know lots of times I walk by or into booths and admire the work/product, but either I am too cheap to purchase or it is not something I need. Just do what you love to do, for you, and keep yourself happy.

  8. If you don't "succeed" in something, try something else. I will share my story with you. I have always loved crafting. Anything. I was making hair clips. That didn't go well. At all. I wasn't selling it. At one marketplace I sold 3 for a whooping total of $3. I ended up giving them away at a kids party and called it quit. A couple of years later I started making kitchen towels for myself. Everyone was telling me I should make them to sell. I said "no thank you". I was afraid of failing. Then later on I decided to try and sell them at the same marketplace I once failied. That time I made $400 in one day. I since then opened an Etsy store and have sold many. What I am really trying to say, don't give up. Find what sells, what people wants and what's something you will still enjoy making. Most of all, don't be afraid of "failure". You can't succeed if you don't try. You are SO talented. Yes, YOU!


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