Make Over My Deck: Painting the Light Fixture

After painting the back door (if you missed that post, click here), the next logical step in my deck makeover project was to tackle the light fixture.  Gee, that thing was an eyesore!  I read a post detailing how a lady had chosen to spray paint her light fixture, which ironically was the same one as mine.  The moment I saw that project, I knew I would do the same.

...and it's crooked too!
In order to complete this project, I took apart as many of the parts of the light fixture as I could.  And man were they dusty, dirty, and disgustingly weather worn. 

I washed the pieces and then spray painted them with the Rustoleom hammered black paint.

As for the piece still attached to the wall, I covered it with a plastic bag and spray painted it too.

This is the part that went terribly wrong:
Although I did initially start out protecting my vinyl walls, I underestimated the degree that the spray paint would go whichever way it wanted to.  Ack!  Then it all got terribly complicated and I did something I do not suggest for you to do.  I yanked off the plastic since paint had already gotten on the vinyl and finished spray painting my fixture so that I could get all the places that had before been difficult to reach.  I know you're already shaking your head in disbelief, but I'm trying to keep it real here.

I tried a leftover paint remover, but thought I'd better not do that because it might strip my vinyl.  Then I purchased Goo Gone Paint Cleanup.  After I wasn't satisfied, I even tried mineral spirits.  That didn't seem to do anything.  Then I realized the Goo Gone was working but I just had to work with it.  Imagine multiple sessions of spraying the Goo Gone, waiting, scrubbing against the vinyl grain using an abrasive sponge, washing the surface with dish detergent, and repeating. 

still not perfect, but I was getting tired of this mess that I made
In the end, I did get the light fixture painted according to my dreams, but even as you're reading this I'm still trying to finish getting the paint off my vinyl.  If all else fails, I'm considering getting a sample size of paint matched to my vinyl and doing a spot paint job.  That's if I'm really desperate.

Ok, so here's the finished product:

Remember the before?

The during.

Now, here's the after.

If I must say so, in spite of the terrible paint debacle, I still think this project was totally worth it...even if I still have to fix some spots here and there.

Suggestions definitely welcomed.


  1. Oh man, sorry for the over spray. It reminds me of a situation I got myself into so I had to chuckle. I bought touch up paint to fix some areas around the exterior of my house. As I painted I noticed it was a little dark, but figured it would lighten as it dried. WRONG! Now my husband says it's not that noticeable, but he doesn't have my eagle eyes. So guess who went out and bought a gallon to repaint the frond of the house?! THIS GIRL. Oh, the stuff I get myself into- if I just left well enough alone. Grr...

  2. Looks nice! Too bad about the spray paint going everywhere. That must be so crazy frustrating! I don't have patience for things like that and yet, what are you going to do. Good luck with the rest!

  3. A few years ago we replaced all of our outdoor lights. The originals were the awful looking sphere, globe looking things and brass. Gross. So we waited for a sale at a local lighting store and snatched up 6 new lights for $60 total. Spray paint can be a tricky thing. That's why I just don't even try anything around the house with it. :)

    The light looks awesome though. :)

  4. Spray paint is definitely a bad friend sometime. I would have probably taped a large area with newspaper. Never under estimate the overspray :) But the light fixture turned out great and now matching the door knob

  5. It still turn so good though :)
    then now you are really rocking your house.
    good luck with that.

  6. Oh no, Libby, I'm sorry you had the mess with the paint. I know it was a lot of work to clean that up. I like the finished result. We used a paint sprayer last week to paint trellises. We covered the grass with plastic, but still had a lot of overspray on the grass. Luckily, it should all get mown off eventually.

  7. Hi. I watch your world. It's nice to be in such a warm world. This blog is full of simple charm. He wants to come back. Yours. :)

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