Make Over My Deck: Painting the Back Door

If you missed yesterday's post, scoot right back and you will see the beginning stages of my current makeover project - my deck.

My deck is 10'x12' and really is nothing special.  The boards are a bit beat up and at best, I've used this space to house a container garden or two.

From all the home makeover shows I've seen over the years, one of the pieces of advice I've heard is to think of each space as a room.  So, even though my deck is outdoors, I will treat it as a complete room.  I've laid out my plans on paper many times and looked for ways to finance this project on a limited budget.  The first thing I decided to do was to paint my back  Yes, orange!  I also decided to spray paint my door knobs, because replacing them is a much more expensive approach.

Here's the back door before:

And here are the door knobs before:

Ack!  The weather has really beaten them down over time.

I decided to paint the door orange.  I used Valspar's Duramax Paint + Primer exterior paint.  This paint was suggested to me because it should be able to withstand fading from the direct sunlight.  I used Rustoleum's Hammered black spray paint for the door knobs.
{Image Source}
So what did I do?  I removed the door knobs, washed the door down, then painted it using many light coats.  Seriously, it took many coats to truly cover up the gray underneath.  I don't know if it was because the door was steel and not wood, but when I painted my front door, it took less coats.  Anyways, between waiting for the coats of paint to dry, I spray painted the door knobs outdoors.  When everything was dry, I replaced the knobs and that was it!

And here's a video to prove it.

And here's the door after:

Now, sometime between the rain showers, I will continue working on the outside of this deck makeover project. 

Stay Tuned,


  1. That's great Libby! Love the idea of painting the hardware too.

  2. I never picked up in the picture from the other day that it was your back door. I'm slow. Looks great with the new color and newly coated hardware. :) Good choice!

  3. Soft peach orange for the back door? I like it! Very inviting colour, hope it brings lots of smiling guests to your home. :-)

  4. The new color looks great. I bet it's even prettier when the sun's out.

  5. You're trying to inspire me to break out my tools...good job Libby!

  6. I love it. So cheerful. What a nice color choice.


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