In Remembrance

On this day, one year ago, the Lord decided to call my Daddy home.

I love him.  I miss him.  However, I am thankful for having the opportunity to spend the first 36 years of my life with him.  Many do not get that.  The past year has been a year of making adjustments, learning to go on even when a key figure in my every day life is no longer with me.  But I know that what God has done is well done.

I have so many wonderful memories and honestly every time I hear one of Daddy's favorite hymns, it will always bring a smile to my face and a joy in my heart, even if there are tears in my eyes.  I can see him now, standing behind the pulpit, leading this song...Blessed Assurance.



  1. You are so strong, posting this today. Brave girl, not afraid of open your heart in public and share your worries and joys! I'm thinking of you too. xoxo

  2. He looks like a kind man. I know you miss him.

  3. Precious Memories! Thanks for sharing. My mom went to be with the Lord on April 4th many years ago. I miss her dearly. This hymn was a favorite of hers also! :)

    Cyber Hugs!
    Little Bitty Damn Houze

  4. I have thought of you all day Libby. What a beautiful hymn. And that wonderful smile your Dad had. I'm getting all mushy here thinking of you and seeing your Dad's sweet face.

    Love and hugs dear friend!

  5. Hugs Libby.
    I see where you get your beautiful smile from.


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