I Made My Goal: How to Maintain and Take Down Extension Twists

During the first snow storm of 2014, I installed my second set of extension twists.  Some call them Marley twists, Afro puffy twists, Senegalese twists...it really just depends on the start process (how the hair is actually installed at the root - i.e. using a braid which makes a little knot or doing the invisible start method) and what type of hair is used.  Of course I opt to use synthetic hair that is similar to my own texture, so I use the puffy twist hair.

Anyways, my goal was to be able to keep this style in my head for 6-8 weeks.  And, I made it!  This Friday I plan to do a henna/indigo application and on Saturday I'm going to a salon to have my hair washed and shampooed professionally and then trimmed.  I hope that everything turns out ok in terms of making sure that my hair is healthy.  Right now that is my main goal.  I will tell you that my hair is extra, extra thick (or so it seems).

I created two videos chronicling my experiences of maintaining and taking  out these extension twists.  If you're interested, check out the videos below.

Happy Wednesday,


  1. This just all looks like so much work! But you always seem to look great in photos and videos, so it's worth it.

  2. Oh Libby this is great way can I just share this to some of my Papuan best friends ? They like to wear twist extansion for months and sometimes getting hard to taking care of it and fall apart. Thanks for sharing this :)

  3. Hi Libby,

    It's so neat watching the process...I know you must get a good arm workout!

    You're lovely as always.


  4. Love this. On a different note, my hair are super fine, flat and straight. I call then spaghetti hair...or angel hair :)


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