2nd Annual River Roots Showcase

This weekend I will be conducting a beginner's crochet workshop, followed by vending for the evening during a musical concert held at UNC-Pembroke.

For the workshop, I have created kits for each participant consisting of a beginner's crochet packet, a crochet hook with the appropriate size yarn, and a plastic tapestry needle.  The workshop will last 1 1/2 hours.  Of course I have a small project in mind that I would like the participants to make, but I'm also keeping in mind that although it is a beginner's workshop, the term "beginner" is very subjective.  If I need to change to a more advanced project, I will be ready.  I'm excited to try teaching crocheting in a small group setting because I've been toying with the idea of teaching private small group sessions during the summer.

There are other workshops being offered, all free to the public.  African dance, beadwork, guitar lessons, to name a few.

After the workshops end, there will be a concert on campus.  Vendors will be able to setup outside the arena.  I've decided to vend at this event.  This time I will focus more on the all-natural products I made during the Christmas season.  Lip balms.  Body butters.  Note cards.  And possibly some handcrafted items. 


  1. It sounds very exciting! It's going to be a total success! :-)

  2. Hi Libby,
    I love it when you stop by! Your comments always make me smile. Thanks so much for all the great seedling advice. I will be sure and check back for your upcoming seedling post. Your upcoming event sounds so great! Teaching creative workshops are so much fun. We don't have too many events like that in NYC so I am truly envious. Hope you have a fabulous turnout. Happy Teaching!

  3. Sounds like you have a really great weekend coming up. Have tons of fun with your class and with all the other events you take in. :)


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