Teacup Exchange {Reveal}

Not too long ago I participated in another "Teacup Exchange" hosted by Stephanie of The Enchanting Rose blog.  This time, I packaged my teacup and accessories and sent them off to India.  I hope they make it there intact.  What I didn't know was that while my package was off crossing the Indian Ocean, my own package was coming to me from Ontario, Canada!

I recently went to a conference for two days and when I returned, my teacup package was awaiting me.

When I saw this cup, I instantly imagined myself having a cup of tea with the Queen of England.  That was my first impression.

The teacup was accompanied by a bag of coconut tea.  I have never heard of this flavor of tea, so it'll be interesting to try.

My swap partner also sent a kitchen towel decorated with teacups/tea pots and teacup notecards!  I love stationery, and teacups are so sweet.

Thank you, Stephanie, for hosting another amazing teacup exchange.  Thank you,  Anne, for sending an amazing package.  :-)

ETA:  Yay, my package made it safely to India.  To see what I sent Sarah, stop by her blog here.



  1. What a wonderful package! The cup and saucer are adorable! That cards will be great for many occasions. That coconut tea sounds interesting!

  2. I agree: adorable!! They look so delicate and elegant, I can understand why you've pictured yourself drinking tea with the Queen of England --my thoughts were exactly the same! I'm glad the package got to you intact.

    I never heard of coconut tea before but I would love to try it. Sounds really tasty. Enjoy it! :-)

  3. Coconut tea...that sounds amazing! I have never tried anything like that before :) Can I just say wow, your tea cup is gorgeous! So elegant and royal :) Beautiful items for a beautiful lady - hugs to you!

  4. O wow, that is absolutely beautiful! Yes -- it's definitely tea with the queen, and for some reason I see you wearing a horse show hat lol. Coconut tea certainly sounds exotic; let us know what it's like! Trust you are doing super, dear friend :)

  5. How pretty! and what a sweet idea too!

    Enjoy your tea (and let me know how you like the coconut tea, I've never heard of it either).

  6. Hi Libby! I am coming over from the teacup exchange. I LOVE your teacup! That green is so vibrant. And what an interesting tea too. Isn't it fun to get packages in the mail? It's a nice break from bills, that's for sure!

  7. hi there - i came on over thanks to the Tea Cup Exchange Link Up. it was such fun. i love your teacup - i really enjoy the green - so lovely & vibrant too. nice to meet you ... i am Elizabeth too. so fun! have a lovely day. nice meeting you. ( :

  8. I love your teacup and I had fun participating in my first teacup exchange!

  9. Your teacup is just stunning. Oh, the tea must be wonderful too. Your blog is lovely and it's so fun to visit everyone via Stephanie's link up!

  10. You sure received some lovely items along with that gorgeous tea cup. I can see why you would think about having tea with the queen :) Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Your teacup is lovely. I especially liked the way you photographed it. Your blog is great, too, and I enjoyed the post on smoothies. Thanks for visiting Buttercup's and please stop by often.

  12. What a lovely teacup and so many other beautiful gifts, too. I agree that Stephanie's teacup exchange is a blessing.

  13. Libby, that tea cup is absolutely stunning! It looks like it would be served at the royal table. Coconut tea,I have never heard of that one before, but it sure sounds like it would be good for you. Coconut is good in so many ways. :-)
    What a joy these exchanges are that my daughter puts together for us ladies.
    Enjoy your blessings, Debbie

  14. The tea cup is very regal looking. Gorgeous! You will have to let me know what the tea tastes like. Sounds yummy!

  15. Your cup is just exquisite. Thanks for sharing with us. I want to try the coconut tea. I buy tea lots of different places but oe co. I deal with has coconut tea. Sounds exotic. You had a great partner.


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