Birthdays, Bowling, and Thrifted Goodness

Recently two friends celebrated birthdays on the same day.  Some friends from church and I decided to help them celebrate by having a Girl's Day Out.  We met at the bowling alley, did a little window shopping, and finally went out for dinner.

That was my first experience bowling and I must say that I enjoyed myself.  Dinner was a hoot too.  There were some mixups and failures on the part of the restaurant, but one of the managers made it all right in the end.

I truly enjoyed myself and look forward to celebrating future birthdays with this special group of ladies.

On this vlog, you can see some of the other events of the day...and you can watch us in action.  :-)

Until next time,


  1. You have never been bowling before? I grew up with it! I remember birthday parties at the bowling alley as kids. It has been years now since I've been. The best is at night when there is glow bowling with the pins and lanes lit up! You did awesome for your first time!

    I love the video blog. That location at the train station would be so amazing for a photo shoot. I hope that works out!

  2. Go Libby! Go Libby! Awesome job on your first time bowling. You crack me up with all your little adventures. :)

  3. Libby I truly enjoyed the video and thanks for sharing. You know that I love the area that you scouted out for the engagement session. I would love to shoot there, it's like a dream spot.

  4. Hi Libby!

    I've never been bowling too! :-D
    Your group seems to be a lot of fun! I like that!
    I like people with good humor. ;-)


  5. I never been bowling but it seems interesting. I betyou must have wonderful time with the girls.
    Thank you for sweet comment. I'm so glad that I can sewing now.
    Hope you're doing well

  6. hi libby! you have the most pleasant voice & i love your video's~ great thrift stores too....i have a teapot that matches the tier plates & i have the same star cookie cutter~ bowling looked like lots of fun & a fun group too!
    happy weekending!

  7. Hi Libby!

    You ladies are too cute! I tried bowling once and just could not get the hang of it! :) Love your thrifty finds!!


  8. your FIRST time bowling? ...not that go that much... :)

  9. Hi Libby!
    Enjoyed the video of your day. Loved your thrift store finds! Girls night out are the best, aren't they? I look forward to them and have so much fun and by the end of the evening my stomach muscles are sore from laughing. Glad you had a good time!


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