Vegetable Soup with Leeks and Kale

Every weekend for the past month or so I've been making soups.  Every week a different one to target a specific health concern.  Mostly an increase in folic acid.  And what better way that via beans and leafy green veggies.

I found this recipe for "Fresh From the Farm Vegetable Soup with Leeks and Kale" and had to give it a try.  It was delicious, in my humble opinion.  I can only imagine how much tastier it was with fresh from the farm veggies.  Maybe this spring or summer I can experience that.

There's no need to post a recipe on my blog because the original recipe was spot on.  (Well, I did cook my kale; I just haven't acquired the taste for crunchy greens yet.)  So, check it out here.  In the meantime here's a couple of photos (cell phone photos) to capture the essence of this soup.  Definitely yummy.

Now with all this soup making, it's made the wheels in my head start turning.  I was excited to start my first cinder block garden this summer.  There was definitely so much to learn.  All in all it was a great experience.  Now I've been rethinking my whole plan; I've sketched out a new layout for my garden beds and am snuggling up with the Kindle App edition of Square Foot Gardening and an heirloom seed catalog.  Yep, the wheels in my head are definitely turning.  You know what that means.  :-)

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  1. Well, leeks and kale... I trust you about the yummyness but I'm afraid I won't try this one. Can't stand leeks! ;-)

  2. Looks and sounds great Libby! I should be looking into planning the garden already. Maybe in a few weeks. :)

  3. This soup does look good. I love greens and I've never thought to try them in a soup. I actually need to expand my cooking menu to include more whole food items. Soup would be a great addition! Just like I need to use my crockpot more...but these things take time! LOL. I recently said I would start cooking more beans as a first step...then maybe soups!!

  4. It's been so cold lately! A pot of your soup and fresh baked biscuits would be perfect!

  5. Mmmm! More comfort food! It will be time for gardening again before you know it!


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