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Every now and again, my brain gets overloaded with all of these crafty notions and ideas.  I write them down, make sketches, make notations for later...all the time.

When the brain moves so fast that my energy level and hands can't keep up, then I often feel down thinking, "What am I doing?"  "Can I really do all this stuff?"  "Can I really do all this different stuff?"

I have never claimed to be the best at any of my craft loves, nor do I try.  But I like the idea of it coming together some kind of way that is personally satisfying.  I'm sure that most if not every die-hard crafter knows exactly what I'm talking about.  I don't think I've ever met a crafter who only does one craft form, even if their focus leans towards one direction.

Well, with that being said, all of this is one of the reasons I started this blog and later my Youtube Channel.  I can be "scatterbrained" if I want to, in the crafty sense of the word, and it's totally okay because the people reading or watching are most likely the same way.  lol

Over the course of time, I have "met" several crafty Youtubers who inspire me.  They help me to see that it's okay to do all.this.stuff.  Yes, there are those icons like Martha Stewart and Katie Brown, whom I watched faithfully back in the day, but it's refreshing to see my contemporaries doing their own thing from the comfort of their homes.

First off, Vanessa Vargas Wilson, a.k.a. "The Crafty Gemini. 

Vanessa is amazing.  She sews, quilts, cooks, gardens, and has a host of crafting tutorials.  Here is the trailer to her YT channel, so you can get an idea of what her channel is all about.

Check out her blog, here.
And her Youtube channel, here.
And then there's Patti Moreno.  I know I've mentioned her before, but she is just that amazing.  She's an organic gardener, but she also cooks, spins, and knits.

Check out her website, here.
And her Youtube channel, here.

There are also a host of bloggers who inspire me, but I wanted to share these ladies with you because I really enjoy being able to go to their channels and find something I want to watch that relates to something going on in my head.  It's great to see someone else doing what you love as well.

So, who inspires you?

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Libby, I can so relate to this. I too consider myself a "Jane of all crafts, master of none" and I can experience some scatterbrain episodes because I can't pump out my creative visions fast enough. So glad, I'm not alone. LOL And thanks for the great intros to Vanessa and Patti. Following them as I want to get better at gardening and the fact that they do it organically is icing on the cake. So glad you stopped by.

  2. Nice to meet you, Elisabeth.
    Cute blog :-)

  3. I know what you are talking about Libby. I love giving things a try for myself. It's very satisfying knowing you can do lots of different things, even if "you" don't become a master at them. :)


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