The Second Snow of the Season...Captured

There's something about the first snow that is special to so many people, but for me, I always stay indoors on the first snow.  When I was growing up, we were told that the first snow was Nature cleansing itself.  We might have gone out and played in it, but we never made snow cream or anything like that, but on the second snow...oh boy!  I don't know if that's an old wives tale or not, but for me the first snow is spent indoors snuggling up or crafting.

When the second snow came, all I wanted to do was to grab my camera just to capture a few details.  So that's what I did in my mother's front and backyards.  It's amazing what you find right around your home. 


Happy Winter,

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  1. Your photos are beautiful Libby! I haven't heard that old wives tale up my way. We get so much of the white stuff. Tomorrow is supposed to snow all day. Stay safe. I hear the southern states are getting hit hard again. What a winter we are all having!

  2. beautiful pictures libby! i've never heard the wives tale before but staying in to snuggle & craft, sounds good to me!

    stay warm!

  3. AMAZING photos! I love freshly fallen snow :)

  4. The first snow certainly does have a magical feel to it. Love all those pictures, especially the one with your Dad's tractor. Awesome! :)

  5. Wondered how you were coping the snow. Pretty!

  6. Your photos are gorgeous! It almost makes me feel a little better about our never ending small falls.


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