Making a few changes...

FYI: I'm making a few changes on my blog.  For some reason I've been getting some messages of how Blogger hasn't been playing Mr. Nice Guy with some of my blog visitors, especially those from Wordpress.  I enjoy reading every single comment and I do hope that this little change will not be a huge pain in the neck.  (And trust me, after this week, I've known pain in the neck and back - whew!)

So, I decided to go with Disqus to moderate my blog comments.  It seems to be a platform that's universal.  Also, if I'm lucky, it will help me with blog replies, which I enjoy doing.  I'm thinking that if I reply on my page, it will automatically send that reply to the original commenter. 

If this proves to be a huge pain, it's okay for you to let me know.  I have no problem trying other options.

Hope your Saturday is a fruitful one.  As for me, I'm off to the Regional Science Fair.  Two of my students will be participating.

Happy Saturday,

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  1. Hi Libby,
    I hope this works well. I've never had a problem with your blog but I use Blogger. I hope your students did well at the science fair!

  2. Hope the Science Fair was a success! :)

  3. Good luck with the change.

    Science fairs are so fun. Kids can be so creative.

  4. Yeah, Blogger... I'm loving the look of your blog though! Have fun at the fair -- Becky's involved in one here too; she has to create some toy applying a scientific principle. Trust you are doing super!


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