The Snowy Day

When I was a little kid, Ezra Jack Keats' book The Snowy Day was among one of my favorites.  It tells a beautiful story of a young child's adventures in the snow.

On Tuesday, school dismissed early on account of the impending snow storm.  What started out as being a snow storm, turned into a wintery mix.  A day full of sleet followed by a day of snow and super low temps.

Staying indoors definitely has its perks.  But the downfall can also be that it's hard to focus on what projects to do.  Oh, so many choices!

In the end, I decided to....

Finish my knitted hat...and force my Mom to model it.

Enjoy a bowl of freshly cooked pinto beans.  Thanks, Mom!

Install extension twists in my hair.  (That was an all day affair.)

Upload a new video on my YouTube Channel.

Work on school work.

Lay around and watch movies.

And follow that all up with the occasional peek outdoors to see this.

p.s.  I finally went back to work today - Friday with a two hour delay, but with no students.


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  1. Hi Libby,
    I was amazed seeing the news and how crippling the weather has been in the south. Up here, snow and ice are so normal. There are tons of plows, sanding truck and salting trucks waiting to move into action. I felt horrible for those who were stuck on roads for hours and hours! Then all the kids who had to sleep at school! The hats came out adorable. I hope the snow melts away quickly for your guys! It is certainly a winter to remember. The cold temperatures have been so far from normal everywhere.

  2. How lovely! You know, I only see snow in pictures and news on tv. It looks dreamy and romantic to me! I hope it returns to normal soon so you can go back to your usual routine.
    I love your new look. Long twists really suit you. :-)

  3. Not too bad of a week if you ask me. It's good to have a change of pace every now and then. :) Love your hat model! Hugs!!!!

  4. Ooooo Libby!! I like those! You definitely did a great job on those twists to have done them yourself! How long do you plan on keeping those in?

  5. Beautiful, cozy pictures! You are looking radiant, my friend :)

  6. oh libby you are just the cutest! your enthusiam in the video was fun to watch & what a great idea~ your mom make a great hat model~ hope you're staying warm!


  7. Libby, I LOVE your hair!!!! So pretty, my dear friend! Your hat is lovely as is your mom and your pictures are simply stunning. Hugs to you!


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