The Power of the Lemon

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I recently discovered the lemon. Correction.  I have recently discovered the benefits associated with the lemon.  For as long as I can remember, we have had lemons in our home.  But in truth, mostly they have been served in slices along the rim of a glass of sweetened ice tea.  Occasionally the juice of the lemon was used when baking fish.  Then more recently, the zest began being used as an added boost of flavor because of watching television chefs who make everything look delicious so you have to try their recipes.  I cannot say that I'm in love with lemons (I mean, come on, they are super tart in flavor), but I will say that I love the smell they emit and I'm learning so much about this tiny fruit that it makes me want to keep them on hand.

So, what have I learned?

The Health Benefits
  • I have learned that the lemon contains just as much Vitamin C as other citrus fruits, but does not have a high glycemic index like the others.
  • I have learned that sprinkling lemon juice on foods, especially those that would normal elevate your blood sugar, or adding lemon slices to your water help to lower blood sugar levels.
  • Drinking a cup of warm water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon at the beginning of the day, before eating or drinking anything else, helps to detoxify the liver.

The Home Benefits
  • The rinds of the lemon can be used to make a all-natural, chemical free, household cleaner. 
  • Placing lemon peels near places where you usually see ants will keep the ants away.
  • A friend of mine puts her orange peels in her garbage disposal and creates a nice orangey fragrance in her kitchen.  Works for oranges, so I'm pretty sure it would work for lemons too.  I don't have a garbage disposal so I can't try it myself.
Lately, I have been drinking more lemon water and the hot water with lemon juice.  I've been saving the rinds in order to make my own household cleaner.

 Just gotta wait about two weeks to give it a try!  I got the idea from this site.

So how do you use your lemons?

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  1. Thanks for the lowering blood sugar tip! I didn't know that one - I'm going to have to start using lemons more!!

  2. I love lemons! We have one use for them at kitchen you didn't say here: sprinkling lemon juice is great not only on your glass of water but also on your paella dishes or meat-based soups. They enhance the flavor and reduce the oilyness. Lemon slices are a must on every Spanish dinner table!

  3. I love lemons in my water. For some reason I don't like the flavor on my food. I used to peel an orange everyday in my dorm room in college and the rinds left the room smelling delicious! You'll have to give us an update on its cleaning power! I've read they are great for cleaning and disinfecting cutting boards too. Mine are so discolored and I keep saying I need to try lemons.

  4. because lemons are acidic, the doctor recomended I drink water with lemon, to keep kidney stones (calcium deposits) from forming :)

  5. Hot lemon water is also good first thing in the morning because it helps jump start your metabolism also. Lemons are a favorite around here. And they just make everything smell good around here. :)


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